Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Unhealthy Healthy Obsessions

Just a note:
I have an unhealthy relationship with this:
And this:
Cottage cheese? At 80-100 calories per half cup, 2.5 grams of fat and 10 grams of protein? I eat this too much. I'm actually eating it right now...out of the container...like a fat kid--except my point is that it helps you to not be a fat kid. p.s. searching Google images for "cottage cheese" came up with some nasty pics of cellulite...I almost had to put my spoon down. 

Fage yogurt? 170 calories and 13 g protein. K..not just plain. That's gross. It's like eating sour cream. It actually is sour cream..technically. You have to get the kind with the little pocket of fruit stuff. And I love it because they offer you a sugarless yogurt to add as much or as little fruit blend as you want. Nothing grosses me out more than the typical yogurt packs. They're like little containers of sugar with a splash of curdled milk. 

A food post? Yeah. I'm trying to not look pregnant anymore. Protein is my bff right now. 


manders said...

oh girl that is my favorite. Love my cottage cheese but only if it doesn't have to much milk cause than its gross. mmmm with ritz crackers and avacado on the side is my lunch a lot of the time. You are looking great, and remember its only been 1mos. love u

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