Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out

It's about time I posted about the new man in my life, right? I mean, he is 2 WEEKS OLD tomorrow.
Well, my little man is here. And holy cow do I just love him. 
We went in to get induced on Friday the 25th because he had become just a little too comfortable in there and we were getting antsy. After 9 hours of labor, 30 minutes of pushing, and a couple of scary complications, we ended up having to go in for an emergency c-section due to a dropping heart rate. So, at 8:12PM that Friday our little Jude screamed his way out of the womb after discovering that the cord had been wrapped around his neck once.  
Due to feeling pain during the last part of the procedure, the anesthesiologist had just loaded me up with a bunch of drugs right before he was born, so I was super loopy and tired when we first met. Otherwise, I remember everything clearly. 
He weighed 7 lbs. 13 oz. and was 20.5 inches long. He has my ears, Adam's chin and lips, and lots and lots of hair. His "do" kind of resembles an Asian mullet: long, sharp side burns, short, spiky hair at the crown, and long on the neck. It's adorable. He also has little monkey feet and insanely long fingers and arms--and those arms just love to wrap themselves around you. Personality-wise he is a super chill kid. He has a very mild temperament, is very aware, quick to tell you what he wants and very easy to please. We just can't get enough of him. Grandma calls him her "AP" baby because he has developed so much over this short week she's been here. 
Jude's current interests include: 
Tummy time--the pediatrician was so surprised that from birth he could lift his head up on his own.
Snuggling--he has to sleep grabbing onto something, which is usually your shirt collar or chest. 
Meal time--he is my kid. 
Baths--the kid LOVES these! He could be starving, but once you plop his naked bum into some warm water he goes right to sleep. 
Smiling and laughing in his sleep--he especially does this when you stroke his hair. 
Pooping--he poos like a champ...super loud and super often...sometimes so much that he startles himself. 
Sleeping--whatever, he sleeps a lot. 
Daddy--Jude loves Adam. He follows his voice around the house and stares intently into his eyes. 
His hands--he discovered his hands from the beginning and uses them to hold his bottle, claw at Mommy, cover his face while sleeping, and fold during prayers. 
His car seat--I'm considering letting him sleep in it at night.
12:00-2:00AM--I swear he naps all day just so he can party at these wee hours of the night. 

He is the greatest little thing that has ever happened to us and we can't imagine our life together without him. I mean, how crazy is it that he grew from the tiniest little cell to a fully complex human being..all in 9 months? It's seriously ridiculous to think what kind of miracles go on in the human body during that time. DNA is legit stuff. 

Thinking about having kids? We fully endorse it. 
Me? I'm feeling GREAT. The recovering has been super easy and I've had lots of help and support during it, and all the while I've become an excessively paranoid, worried, freaked out, and sleepless person. Do I check if he's breathing? Frequently. 

Eat your heart out on these. He's such a handsome baby. 

After his bath with Grandma and Aunt Briana.

He's kind of a control freak about his food.  

He just loves her.

Our amazing nursing, Deb. 

Just woke up from a nap. 
First picture as as family

He's a model already

Baby dreams

His first look at his extended family with his family picture book from Aunt Briana


Natalie Daniel said...

I still want more pics!!! I think you should just video tape him 24/7 and post a video every hour. I still check to see if Sienna is breathing, it never goes away!

aubrey and bobby said...

he is so handsome britney!

congratulations stevens!

alyssa said...

haha i love it, "asian mullet" he's SOO adorable!! glad he and mom are doing great!!! congrats again! he's so cute

manders said...

Oh baby Jude we love you so much can't wait to kiss and hug that lil monkey... Precious pictures

Kimberly said...

OH how cute is he. We cannot wait to see him in a couple of weeks. You guys make cute little babies. Congrats....... you will just love being parents it is the best thing ever.

Candi said...

We are so happy for you Britney and Adam! Little Jude is a cutie! Take lots and lots of pics now because believe it or not, you will forget some stuff!

Ailinh said...
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