Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hopscotch Springtime Giveaway!

So the online magazine I'm contributing to is giving away 4 Springtime nail colors. Sorry ladies, but blacks and other darks colors are fading, so check out these new fresh looks that were featured during this year's NY Fashion Week. If you email the editor you can win ALL of the colors for FREE. Good luck! To enter and read my article, go HERE
Also, for those who are unfamiliar to Hopscotch For Women, it is an online magazine where women, like you, contribute, much like a Reader's Digest. Without your contributions the magazine wouldn't be what it is. The first time I wrote for it I wrote about a difficult experience I had trying to get into nursing school, HERE, but you can write about anything you want. If you have a humorous, touching, or even miraculous experience, or just have something you want to share, go to Hopscotchforwomen.com and click on the "email the editor" icon. The editor is a very talented and kind person and accepts all pieces. Lastly, don't let a lack of writing experience stop you. The editor, as an editor, edits your work while preserving your style and story. 
I've been enriched by the opportunity and know you will too! 

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Pheewww!!! Talk about the week from hell. First off, I'm not used to waking up at 6AM for classes when the whole break I'd been sleeping in till' 10. Second, this semester is all OB and Peds, things I know nothing about. Consequently, we had two mandatory orientations, one from 7-1PM and the second from 6:30-3PM, not to mention work for all of my new classes. It was heinous. The morning of our last orientation day, our instructor began the class by informing us that one of our favorite lab instructors was killed while teaching in Tonga with the BSN students during the semester. What happened is that she, the students, and her husband were site seeing around some rivers and waterfalls when she slipped, fell into the water, and was swept away in a current. They still haven't found her body. This woman, Gayle Lee, was one of the smartest and most educated women I have ever had the opportunity of being taught by. She made me want to get my masters and gain as much education as possible. I had her for both scenario and skills day my freshmen semester and she made what should have been difficult testing experiences unforgettable opportunities for learning and career experience. I will be a more caring, educated, and qualified nurse because of her. 
Anyway, the college staff reacted just as one would expect: They're all nurses. And when someone comes in and we know they're going to die, we feel terrible, but know we have to continue and move forward in what we're doing. But we and they, of course, are all devastated. It's been very comforting to know that she has returned home and is being reunited with loved ones and is in a better place than the rest of us. 
On a different and insignificant note, I've been planning what I want to purchase during Natalie and my shopping trip in July. I haven't shopped at all for Spring and since my transition to the warm weather consists of boardwalk shorts I'm rolling up once and v-neck t's, I'm kind of excited. I've picked a couple things from Urban (duh), that I'm pretty 100% on getting. Of course, I should figure out how I'm paying for all of this, but you know, the money will magically appear (anyone have ideas on getting quick cash, besides the 
Should I start a fund? 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's That Time Again

As some of you know, I can be pretty home-decor A.D.D. I sit in our same little living room everyday to study and frequently feel the desperate urge to change it up every couple months. This month, I've decided on changing our wall decor. Right now I'm past the whole, "We just got married and need 200 pictures of us on the walls" mentality. Adam's design style has evolved and become so stinkin' cute and trendy, p.s. if you wanna see his website, go HERE. I'm thinking I'll take down a couple of the multi-picture frames and put up a picture of the Manhattan temple (where we got married) and another picture of us in the Waldorf Astoria and leave up one or two of our favorites. Otherwise, we're changing, or re-painting, the two big canvases we have behind the couch and Adam's going to design a picture of us with the same style he did for his poster of his friend Jake. 
So anyway, I thought I would get your opinions on my picture selections, and as I'm no where near an artsy person, I could use some tips and suggestions and maybe a point in a unique direction. 

Obviously, there's very little color coordination going on here, but it'll work somehow. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Sunset

Yesterday was Adam's last day of classes, so I just stayed home, got some cleaning done, and went to one of my friends' baby showers. Also, as always, I got to spend some quality time with my friend Natalie. I think one of the most difficult things about finding close friends when you're married is finding a couple where the husbands are friends just as much as the wives. Natalie and her husband and little girl have been in our ward for awhile and I can't believe it's taken us this long to finally hang out. I see her everyday and LOVE hanging out with her and can't wait until she delivers her baby girl so we can go on our weekend shopping trip...yes, we have to go on an actual TRIP to shop at good stores. 
After Adam turned in all his projects we decided to take a trip to the local park to snap some pics. It was A LOT colder than I thought it would be, but we had fun running around the field and playing on the jungle gym. We were so happy and free-feeling to be done with the semester that I'm sure to any spectator we looked like quite the dorky and cliche couple, but whatever. 

Dress: TJ Maxx. Leather Jacket: Freedom 2be. Grey leggings: Forever 21. Flats: Apt. 1. Scarf: H&M.
I am soooooo excited for this break! Tonight we're going out with some good friends to celebrate various different happenings and I'm probably going to get the biggest steak ever.  

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shoot Double Date

In celebration of my losing 4 lbs., we decided it was time for a freaking fashion post. Since I haven't done one in forever, I figured it's time anyway. Rexburg is starting to figure out it might be Spring, and even though we're for some reason standing next to the few amounts of snow left, we found some nice spots on campus to shoot. 
Adam looked KILLER today. I kept telling all the girls how he found a great deal on Lucky jeans and a J. Crew jacket at Downeast. It's definitely going to be the man hot spot for my hot man. 
But anyway, I wore the tightest fitting jeans I own now because the rest of my jeans are too baggy. I know what you're thinking: "Get over yourself. You only lost 4 lbs." Yes, true, but I'm not big to begin with so losing 4 lbs. was not only hard, but definitely showed. 

Shirt: Target. Cardigan: B. Smart. Jeans: Target. Necklace: Forever 21. Slingback flats: Payless. Plaid headband: Forever 21. Sunglasses: Rayban.

I told Adam I wouldn't post this picture because it makes him look like a flaming homosexual, but I changed my mind. 
Adam's outfit: Jacket: J. Crew. Jeans: Lucky Brand. White t-shirt: H&M. Slip-ons: Payless. 

We're Featured!

My absolute FAVORITE fashion blogger is Tieka from Selective Potential. For the past few months she's been posting a piece called, "The Guy Behind the Camera." A few months ago I submitted Adam for all of is wonderfulness and thought that will all the followers she had there'd be no way she'd get to us. But this month she did! I absolutely love Tieka. She's a very genuine person, wife, and blogger. One day I'd love to fly over to Michigan and meet her. But for now, I can only envy her fashion amazingness and learn from her creative outfit innovating. 
Sooooo..wanna see it? Go HERE.