Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Sunset

Yesterday was Adam's last day of classes, so I just stayed home, got some cleaning done, and went to one of my friends' baby showers. Also, as always, I got to spend some quality time with my friend Natalie. I think one of the most difficult things about finding close friends when you're married is finding a couple where the husbands are friends just as much as the wives. Natalie and her husband and little girl have been in our ward for awhile and I can't believe it's taken us this long to finally hang out. I see her everyday and LOVE hanging out with her and can't wait until she delivers her baby girl so we can go on our weekend shopping trip...yes, we have to go on an actual TRIP to shop at good stores. 
After Adam turned in all his projects we decided to take a trip to the local park to snap some pics. It was A LOT colder than I thought it would be, but we had fun running around the field and playing on the jungle gym. We were so happy and free-feeling to be done with the semester that I'm sure to any spectator we looked like quite the dorky and cliche couple, but whatever. 

Dress: TJ Maxx. Leather Jacket: Freedom 2be. Grey leggings: Forever 21. Flats: Apt. 1. Scarf: H&M.
I am soooooo excited for this break! Tonight we're going out with some good friends to celebrate various different happenings and I'm probably going to get the biggest steak ever.  


Grant and Natalie said...

awww, I'm glad Grant and Adam have guy love! You guys are awesome!!!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Aww, you look so darling!