Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MK Sale!


I have a bunch of Mary Kay products I'm willing to sell at half price (plus tax). There's nothing wrong with them, I just don't usually advertise these products during skin care classes and/or my customers don't usually buy certain shades. Consequently, these products are constantly left over as I replace sold products.

If you're in Rexburg I can get these to you within 24 hrs of either your comment or text (see contact info below). Otherwise, I can ship them out to anyone anywhere. Depending on how far you are, the shipping price can either be added to your order or waived.
(610) 428-5099

Here's what I have:

X1 Microdermabrasion Set - Step 1: Refine & Step 2: Replenish SOLD
Original: $55.00 Sale: $27.50

X1 Beige 2 Mineral Powder Foundation SOLD
Original: $18.00 Sale: $9.00

X1 Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover SOLD
Original: $14.00 Sale: $7.00 each

1 Eye Primer
Original: $12.00 Sale: $6.00

X2 Satin Lips Sets - Lip Mask & Lip Balm SOLD
Original: $18.00 or $9.50 each Sale $9.00 or $4.75 each

2 Mineral Eye Colors:
Original: $6.50 Sale: $3.50, Honey Spice $2.50
XEspresso SOLD
Honey Spice (honey spice fell in container & partially broke)

2 Mineral Cheek Colors:
Original: $10.00 Sale: $5.00 each
Shy Blush
Strawberry Cream
6 Lip Liners:
Original: $10.00 Sale: $5.00 each
2 Neutral
2 Chocolate

1 Cappuccino
1 Dusty Pink

8 Moisturizing Lip Glosses:
Original: $13.00 Sale: $6.50 each
Caribbean Coral - a reddish bronze
Cream & Sugar
Beach Bronze
Pink Diamonds

XSugarberry- SOLD

Hawaiian Sunset - a pinky bronze
Gold Rush

Starry SOLD

4 Black Cosmetic Bags w/ Pink Ribbon Sale: $5.00 each

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reporting to the ER

Oh, btw everyone...


P.S. this is not my top...it's my friend Tracy's. I get mine later. 

Friday, June 12, 2009

Upcoming Summer Vacation

My mom called me today and said she's received confirmation that our family will be staying in the south cottage at Silver Bay in the Adirondacks this summer.  My siblings and I basically grew up there and Adam and I are super excited for this vacation spot for various different reasons:
1. It is a vacation spot.
2. The water is crystal clear and even drinkable 
3. We'll be able to spend a whole three weeks with my family.
4. Not only does it offer endless sunbathing and water skiing, but also kayaking, snorkeling, diving, hiking, archery, and ice cream eating. 
5. It is one of the most beautiful places to vacation.
6. It is very exclusive.
7. People with insane jobs vacation there (NBC Ceo's, psychiatrist's, etc.)
8. There's more...
I'm not kidding--you've never vacationed in a more clean and naturally undisturbed place. Everyone is friendly, responsible, and there to enjoy nature. We're so excited to go and spend time with my family again and enjoy the natural beauty of the green and lush east coast. 
Here's some pics-

Oh, and Meeka's having puppies this summer. I can't wait to go home!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weathered But Not Diminished

As these past two weeks have held me on the brink of emotional, physical, and psychological ruin, I am taking this time of the day, 7PM, when I haven't eaten since breakfast, woke up at 5 to study for an exam, studied for approximately 7 1/2 hours in between classes (not to mention this past weekend's studying) and took a sixty question exam on the cardiovascular system, I am ready to expel all the things I am, thus far this semester, completely and utterly tired of. 

1. I am tired of waking up at 6:30 every Tuesday and Thursday morning to read twenty pages of text in Seeley's Anatomy. 
2. I am tired of daily quizzes in 3/5 of my classes, as I can't be unprepared for even one day, as 2/5 of those classes are only worth 100 pts. 
3. I am tired of busy Sundays where I can't even fit in an hour nap between waking up early to get ready for Relief Society, coming home at 4pm to make dinner, and staying up late doing a plethora of Old Testament homework.
4. I am tired of the never-ending laundry and crumbs on the couch that just don't wipe off.
5. I'm tired of reading a book I don't care so much about and being expected to analyze its ins-and-outs without any class participation in the form of guidance from a demanding teacher.
6. I'm tired of getting up in the morning and working all day but somehow never getting anything done.
7. I'm tired of girls that pick up their phones in the library and talk as if they're on their pink bed sheets looking through a Cosmo. 
8. I'm tired of the rain and chilly weather Rexburg still seems to think we enjoy.
9. I'm tired of being poor. 
10. I'm tired of the disappearance of awesome shows for a whole season (Gossip Girl, House, Grey's Anatomy, etc.)
11. I'm tired of missing my families. 
12. I'm tired of living in somewhere other than the east coast. 
13. I'm tired of dust in my lungs and dry wind that makes me tear up and smudge my makeup. 
Ok, I'm done. This has officially been a vent time for Britney in the McKay Cafe of the library as I wait for Adam to be done with work.

Love You All!