Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MK Sale!


I have a bunch of Mary Kay products I'm willing to sell at half price (plus tax). There's nothing wrong with them, I just don't usually advertise these products during skin care classes and/or my customers don't usually buy certain shades. Consequently, these products are constantly left over as I replace sold products.

If you're in Rexburg I can get these to you within 24 hrs of either your comment or text (see contact info below). Otherwise, I can ship them out to anyone anywhere. Depending on how far you are, the shipping price can either be added to your order or waived.
(610) 428-5099

Here's what I have:

X1 Microdermabrasion Set - Step 1: Refine & Step 2: Replenish SOLD
Original: $55.00 Sale: $27.50

X1 Beige 2 Mineral Powder Foundation SOLD
Original: $18.00 Sale: $9.00

X1 Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover SOLD
Original: $14.00 Sale: $7.00 each

1 Eye Primer
Original: $12.00 Sale: $6.00

X2 Satin Lips Sets - Lip Mask & Lip Balm SOLD
Original: $18.00 or $9.50 each Sale $9.00 or $4.75 each

2 Mineral Eye Colors:
Original: $6.50 Sale: $3.50, Honey Spice $2.50
XEspresso SOLD
Honey Spice (honey spice fell in container & partially broke)

2 Mineral Cheek Colors:
Original: $10.00 Sale: $5.00 each
Shy Blush
Strawberry Cream
6 Lip Liners:
Original: $10.00 Sale: $5.00 each
2 Neutral
2 Chocolate

1 Cappuccino
1 Dusty Pink

8 Moisturizing Lip Glosses:
Original: $13.00 Sale: $6.50 each
Caribbean Coral - a reddish bronze
Cream & Sugar
Beach Bronze
Pink Diamonds

XSugarberry- SOLD

Hawaiian Sunset - a pinky bronze
Gold Rush

Starry SOLD

4 Black Cosmetic Bags w/ Pink Ribbon Sale: $5.00 each


Dustin and Erika said...

Hey Brit, my sis in law's (Kristi) address is 935 Andrews Place #1 (they're on the bottom level). Maybe you could drop it by before you guys leave on Thursday? If they don't answer just leave it on the door step. I'm mailing the envelope in like, 10 minutes, so hopefully you'll get it by Thursday. Thanks again, I'm excited for the satin lips!

.ryan.amber. said...

hey britney! so. . .i want the eye make up remover and a makeup bag and the espresso eye shadow. . .but we are going to be out of town from pretty much right now until sunday, can you save those for me? if not, no problem. :)

manders said...

girl I will take the starry its now SOLD I will send you a check this week or next if thats ok. Call or FB me thanks luv ya