Wednesday, October 27, 2010


After school (and some pricey, but delicious Mexican food), I got a ridiculous craving for something sweet--like authentic donut sweet. Buuttt the really good new donut shop closed early, and we went home (I went home) unsatisfied. So we decided to use the Halloween cupcake decorations Mom Stevens sent us to be festive and bake our own treats with. Because we're lame and un-creative, we decided to finally be Bella and Edward for Halloween. I guess I'll just be wearing jeans, a sweatshirt, and a confused daze. I'm powdering Adam's face white and he's gunna go find some cheap fangs. On Friday we're going to our ward's party and Saturday's trick-or-treating with Natalie. I love how tradition never dies. We also made Jack-'o-lanterns. 
Mine's the generic crappy one, Adam's is him. 
We find out what the little one is on Monday! Any guesses??? Should I post up a generic poll? Meh. My back hurts. I feel huge. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

18.5 Weeks

And another week has flown by (obviously). I'm beginning to wish I had more money to buy maternity clothes because every thing's getting snugger with my protruding abdomen. I am becoming increasingly more uncomfortable and have contemplated on multiple occasions my desire to wear sweatpants to school--which I would never do. I need dresses, jeans, etc. Ugh. I'm kind of trying not to care though because we're almost done with school and during the last trimester I will probably be sitting at home on my fat, fat bum in PJ's with my computer on my lab preparing for the NCLEX all day, every day. 
My eating habits are pretty horrible. I get these massive bouts of random starvation and usually just grab whatever's in site. This week it's been left over carrot cake and pumpkin roll from my party. If anyone was ever a candidate for gestational diabetes, it'd probably be someone like me. I've been running here and there but nothing too consistent. I heard that the more you exercise and stay active during the pregnancy the easier it is and the faster you lose weight afterward. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. 
Anyway, this weekend I'm finishing my preceptorship (sad) and will continue with the rest of my peers at regular clinical, which I'm not even remotely looking forward to. Adam's super busy doing stuff for his BFA. He's had late nights and early mornings every day for the past few weeks. I feel so bad! But I'm impressed with his ability stay motivated and energetic. I know I'm not. I haven't had an appointment with Dr. Pepper for awhile and it's really starting to piss me off.

p.s. these pics are super blurry. And we took them right before bed, so no, I don't look like a mom that doesn't care...yet. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birthday Weekend

I pretty much had an awesome birthday. And since scenario was over and it was on Friday, I could actually enjoy myself. On Friday, Adam took me to Pita Pit for lunch (basically Subway but waaaaayyy better), and then we went to the pumpkin patch with our friends Heidi and Ty after school. We got two huge pumpkins and one little one for baby. Not sure what we're gunna do with that one yet.

After pumpkin picking, Adam took me shopping. I immediately went to Motherhood and got a sweet pair of Heidi Klum designed maternity skinny jeans. I love them because they don't have the belly band, they're just super elastic all the way around. AND Adam said that the wash on them makes my legs look super skinny. SOLD. Our last stop was TJ Maxx where I basically got the birthday shoes of the century for a steal. I will probably be wearing them everyday for the rest of my life. They look like this: 

We were starving, so on our way home we got a NY style pizza (large) from Lucy's. By the time we got home there were only 2 out of the huge 8 pieces left. Either it was that good or we were that hungry (no, you're just a pig). We got home exhausted, so it was only appropriate to sit back and cuddle with a movie and Oreos. That's basically my dream day. 
The next day, also referred to as the "Second Day of My Birthday", my besty Natalie had a party for me. Her spread was insane. Did she stop at a chocolate fountain with a ridiculous amount of dippies? Nope. She made carrot cake, german chocolate cake, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and bought spinach and artichoke dip from Applebees. A bunch of my nursing friends and friends from the ward came and it was lots of fun. 
As a result, Adam threw up this morning and I, Natalie and Grant, all had trouble sleeping last night. You know a party was killer if everyone goes home sick. We'll probably go back today and eat more food. 

p.s. I felt uber guilty for feeding baby so much crap. Especially the Velveeta with salsa dip--did you know that stuff doesn't have to be refrigerated???
Oh, and Adam got me a new vacuum (does that sound like Father and the Bride and the blender??) that I asked for and did an illustration of me that's hanging in our room. 

It was an awesome two days of my birthday. Thanks so much to all who participated! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

17.5 Weeks

It's been another week. At this time I'm feeling uncomfortable sleeping on my stomach, wake up finding myself on my back and unable to breathe, and jeans digging into my womb. Ahhhh the growing. I've felt the baby move so much more distinctly. I can't believe we find out what it is in 2.5 weeks! What do you think it is?
I think the worst part of the growing is the ligaments stretching and accommodating--it's sad to think they'll never be quite that taut again. 
On Tuesday I had my last scenario EVER. We had a DKA "patient" and I actually had a pretty good time. The skills and orders were all straight forward and I think I left my mannequin better off than when I came in. I'm so relieved it's finally over. Scenario always feels like a major wall in the way of me moving forward in the semester. 
For my birthday on Friday, Adam's taking me shoe shopping (horah!) and then we're gunna grab a Lucy's NY style pizza on the way home to cuddle and watch a movie with. Saturday my besty Natalie is hosting a celebration with chocolate fountains and pumpkin pie. I love my birthday! It's during my favorite time of year. The leaves are changing and falling, the air is cool and crisp, and I love bundling up with a peacoat and scarf. 
Currently my house is smelling of vanilla cinnamon--it makes me feel like the holidays are just around the corner. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Baby In My Belly

So, not much a change, but there's a little rounded bump. It might be just because I ate wwwaaayyy too many chocolate chip cookies last night. But whatever. 

So this is me at 16.5 weeks. I think I'll just take pics every 2 weeks or so.
K bye. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Different Kind of Obesity

I've been thinking a lot about weight recently. I learn all the time about how major of a risk factor obesity is to the majority of all cancers and other diseases and the complications that occur from being overweight when in the hospital. In my pre-teeny years, I was overweight and super self-conscious about it. I was at that stage in life when I wanted to be well-liked and the object of every pre-pubescent boy's affection. But, this wasn't a reality for me. I was 4 ft. 11 and packed full with 150 lbs. of tender baby fat. And I was tall--much taller than those skinny 80 lbs. girls that dressed in white and pink Limited Too and Gap garb--I wore my sister's Old Navy boy's-wear hand-me-downs. Oh please, my life was wonderful, normal, and joyful. But I think we all are looking for ways to improve ourselves and mine was to lose weight and look like the rest of my friends. 
That happened once I began puberty and field hockey. Lots of running and hormones did me some good and I finally felt good about myself.
I began high school at my perfect weight, but, high school sports and waaaayy too many study halls caused me to end my senior year 30 lbs. heavier than I wanted to be. Well gosh what the heck. Obviously I grew, became more of a woman, blahblahblah. I felt hopeless. Yet, the gods of weight loss threw me another bone and I was soon redeemed by a win-lose illness that required strict diet precautions and proved a painful recovery. I lost 10 lbs. like that and kept it off. Up and down I've gone over the years, but continue to compare myself to that perfect weight back when I was 15. Is that so hard to ask for? I knew this matter was entirely in my hands and so I started Weight Watchers a couple of months ago and loved watching my scale knock a pound off each week. Ahhhh control. But, suddenly, I stopped losing weight. I dieted but still wouldn't lose an ounce and I grew tired of working so hard to have no pay-off. 
Well what the heck!
So, what did I do?
I went to the doctor to get tested.
Tested for what?
What happened?
I wound up positive for a pea-sized parasite implanted in my untouched uterus. 
AKA: pregnant. 
So, I've gained 10 lbs. (of baby and me, or something), and although I'm still obsessed with my weight--I'm not pushing out no 10 lbs. baby, sorry--I've learned to listen to my body and give it what it and my little avocado need.
So, how far along am I?
17 weeks on Monday.
Surprise, surprise! 
Were we planning it? Absolutely not. 
Are we wicked excited about it? Totally!
Have I been sick? Nope, not a single day. Queasiness here and there, but I've been so blessed. I'm in a demanding major and I've been able to clean up poo (lots and lots of poo), sit next to a container full of lung aspirate, do several night shifts, and study for ridiculous weekly tests without falling behind. 
Consequently, I'm fat, but healthy, and I'm excited to welcome this knew little being into our family in March. 

So, incase any of you totally missed this:
I'm preggo. The babe is the size of an avocado and kicking like crazy all the time. I just love taking this little one on my last semester of nursing school in the hospital and in all of my daily-doings. It's kind of neat and I feel like I have a little buddy with me 24/7. Better get used to it I guess.
We weren't planning to try having kiddos until this upcoming May, thinking that would be the perfect time, but I've realized that there is no perfect time to have children (while you're married). If you're waiting for it, you'll never have kids. Some say they'll wait until they're more financially stable or able to save more money. If you wait for that day you will never have kids. The more you go about life the more responsibilities and bills you pay and although you may make more money, more of it is shunted from your paycheck to your increasingly more expensive adult life. 
That's the shpiel, that's the latest current event, that's our major stressor but our greatest joy and anticipation. 
We find out what we're having November 1st and we're super excited! My OB is a physician I shadowed last semester and got to know on a professional and personal basis and we just love him. 
Thanks for all those who have already thrown out tons of love and support! We love you all and can't thank you enough for your kindness and selflessness. 
I'll save the belly pics for another day--like tomorrow.