Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birthday Weekend

I pretty much had an awesome birthday. And since scenario was over and it was on Friday, I could actually enjoy myself. On Friday, Adam took me to Pita Pit for lunch (basically Subway but waaaaayyy better), and then we went to the pumpkin patch with our friends Heidi and Ty after school. We got two huge pumpkins and one little one for baby. Not sure what we're gunna do with that one yet.

After pumpkin picking, Adam took me shopping. I immediately went to Motherhood and got a sweet pair of Heidi Klum designed maternity skinny jeans. I love them because they don't have the belly band, they're just super elastic all the way around. AND Adam said that the wash on them makes my legs look super skinny. SOLD. Our last stop was TJ Maxx where I basically got the birthday shoes of the century for a steal. I will probably be wearing them everyday for the rest of my life. They look like this: 

We were starving, so on our way home we got a NY style pizza (large) from Lucy's. By the time we got home there were only 2 out of the huge 8 pieces left. Either it was that good or we were that hungry (no, you're just a pig). We got home exhausted, so it was only appropriate to sit back and cuddle with a movie and Oreos. That's basically my dream day. 
The next day, also referred to as the "Second Day of My Birthday", my besty Natalie had a party for me. Her spread was insane. Did she stop at a chocolate fountain with a ridiculous amount of dippies? Nope. She made carrot cake, german chocolate cake, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and bought spinach and artichoke dip from Applebees. A bunch of my nursing friends and friends from the ward came and it was lots of fun. 
As a result, Adam threw up this morning and I, Natalie and Grant, all had trouble sleeping last night. You know a party was killer if everyone goes home sick. We'll probably go back today and eat more food. 

p.s. I felt uber guilty for feeding baby so much crap. Especially the Velveeta with salsa dip--did you know that stuff doesn't have to be refrigerated???
Oh, and Adam got me a new vacuum (does that sound like Father and the Bride and the blender??) that I asked for and did an illustration of me that's hanging in our room. 

It was an awesome two days of my birthday. Thanks so much to all who participated! 

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Natalie looks like a creeper