Wednesday, October 20, 2010

18.5 Weeks

And another week has flown by (obviously). I'm beginning to wish I had more money to buy maternity clothes because every thing's getting snugger with my protruding abdomen. I am becoming increasingly more uncomfortable and have contemplated on multiple occasions my desire to wear sweatpants to school--which I would never do. I need dresses, jeans, etc. Ugh. I'm kind of trying not to care though because we're almost done with school and during the last trimester I will probably be sitting at home on my fat, fat bum in PJ's with my computer on my lab preparing for the NCLEX all day, every day. 
My eating habits are pretty horrible. I get these massive bouts of random starvation and usually just grab whatever's in site. This week it's been left over carrot cake and pumpkin roll from my party. If anyone was ever a candidate for gestational diabetes, it'd probably be someone like me. I've been running here and there but nothing too consistent. I heard that the more you exercise and stay active during the pregnancy the easier it is and the faster you lose weight afterward. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. 
Anyway, this weekend I'm finishing my preceptorship (sad) and will continue with the rest of my peers at regular clinical, which I'm not even remotely looking forward to. Adam's super busy doing stuff for his BFA. He's had late nights and early mornings every day for the past few weeks. I feel so bad! But I'm impressed with his ability stay motivated and energetic. I know I'm not. I haven't had an appointment with Dr. Pepper for awhile and it's really starting to piss me off.

p.s. these pics are super blurry. And we took them right before bed, so no, I don't look like a mom that doesn't care...yet. 


Natalie Daniel said...

Drink some decaf and get over it! haha your cute.

About the Stevens said...

Brit you look so cute. Glad that you are starting to show it looks great on you!!!!!!!! Don't worry about the bouts of bad eating we all have those while we are pregnant, that is what makes pregnant so great!!!!

Ailinh Harris said...