Monday, September 29, 2008

3000 miles apart

We're 3000 miles apart but only have 2 months until we're together for eternity! Britney went to visit Adam and his family about a week ago. There, Adam completely shocked her by proposing the second day she got there. The day started out with both of us touring a cute little area of Portland comprised of mostly small, independent shops. The whole time Adam kept checking the time and worrying about whether we'd have enough time to do everything he had planned. Britney was a little confused because we had the whole day to ourselves. What was the big deal? We were supposed to go to this crepe place for lunch, but instead, Adam decided we'd go to an art gallery he'd been talking about for weeks. We got there (after a hungry Adam had trouble finding parking) and walked in. All the paintings were what Adam called "drugged up" because they were amazing but crazy colored and abstract. We turned a corner and a black and white painting caught Britney's eye. It was a painting Adam did of our second date! She almost fell to the ground in shock and had so many questions --how did it get there, when did you do this, etc. In her confusion, Britney turned around and found Adam on one knee asking her to marry him. After asking if he was serious about 8 times, Britney said yes! Adam's family friend Peggy came out of hiding and revealed that she had taped the whole thing! We left the gallery, went to lunch, registered at various stores, and then enjoyed a surprise couples bridal shower as we returned back to the Stevens household. It was an amazing weekend and we can't wait until Adam comes to visit the east coast in 2 weeks!