Sunday, May 31, 2009

At Last

The other day, while in the check-out line at the grocery store, I decided to treat myself to the June issue of In Style magazine. As I flipped through the pages, not looking for anything in particular, I found THE swimsuit--the swimsuit of my dreams, the one I've been looking for my entire life (since age 14 on). It's a Norma Kamali retro/vintage. Simply put: I want it. If I could sell my body (through plasma), I would, but I can't. I don't know what to do. If I raise the money I would feel terrible spending $175 on a swimsuit if I could use the money toward rent, gas, food, or other necessities. I know what you're thinking--"Just forget the stupid expensive swimsuit and move on." But you don't understand: I have lived my summers in $10-$20 mediocre suits (to say the least) that I for one hate, or find tolerable, or either stretch out by next summer or are so completely faded and tearing that they are basically inappropriate. And I'm not going to spend $60-$80 on a speedo-type one piece because, although they are quite durable, I hate them. So, Mom, Dad, Briana, Brynne, Bryon?...early birthday gift? Just because you love me gift? Haha just kidding (but seriously). 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SNL - Lawrence Welk Show

This video is hilarious!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Moment of Nostalgia

Recently, Rexburg, ID has undergone is annual renewal process we call summer. No, I don't mean spring, I actually mean summer. Rexburg doesn't know spring--it knows a blast of winter storms and then a sudden slap in the face of 90 degree hot. What's an east-coast girl to do with this lost season she has so lovingly admired for 20+ years? 
Do you see the source of my blight? I am homesick for spring--that subtle change in temperature that bears exciting new fruits of tiny flowers and buds just dying to stretch out from their long winter slumber. 
During my long period of reminiscing of those earlier days of softball games, tanning, and spring showers, which brought on all kinds of nostalgic feelings, I thought of an uncharted area of the east coast I've been dying to revisit. 

yeah, it's Boston, MA

Can you imagine living down this street?

How about shopping here?

This summer we're taking our much anticipated trip to visit my family for a few weeks and we've decided to take a few days to travel up to Boston. 
It's so close I can almost taste Quincy Market...?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


We did it! After about 4 hours of measuring, mixing, and painting, a sink and kitchen floor splattered with paint, and various articles of clothing dotted with color happiness, we're done with the customized art for our home. They're not perfect, but they're our's and no one else has them. For my Mother's Day gift Adam agreed to sell plasma this week so we could go together on Friday or Saturday and pick up a tan-mixed-with-creme shag rug to add texture to the room. I'm so excited! We woke up this morning and couldn't believe how spacious and bright our place looked. The pictures definitely don't do the colors justice, but just imagine what you're missing. I never thought that rearranging some furniture, changing some curtains, and painting some canvases could offer such self-satisfaction and serenity. LOVE IT.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Change of Color

Adam and I are trying to redecorate our place by simply re-colorizing it for this marvelous upcoming summer. Call it a case of shorts and a t-shirt frenzy, but I'm excited to get rid of our winter reds and browns and replace them with refreshing cremes, pale yellows, grass greens, and whatever else we feel like. What we've done so far is purchased with our last remaining gift cards some light, cream curtains and white pillows with an awesome, trendy yellow design. What we're doing today is painting on some sort of things (Adam knows what they're called) some designs with bold stripes and colors to mount on our walls. The design I'm really excited about is doing one where we roughly paint the thing in a pink-ish red and then take our fingers and write, "I love you" across it. I'm so excited to go outside and paint some fun things under the beautiful clear and sunny sky today with my husband for our apartment. I'll be sure to take pics of the ending result!
But for now, here are some ideas of what we're thinking: 

Isn't this awesome! Some girl just used different colored scrapbook paper and glued them to her wall.