Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mary Kay Party This Monday!

All my Rexburg ladies,

I'm having my opening Mary Kay event this Monday from 8:30-9:30(pm)! Basically my friend, Jenn, is going to be showing everyone the AWESOME (and seriously I mean AWESOME) colors for this summer. There is seriously NO obligation for anyone to buy anything. I just want to have an awesome opening event where you girls can get free stuff and maybe check out some stuff if you're looking for some new colors. I'll have little goody-bags for you all (ooohhh incentives). So bring anyone and everyone and come and have an hour of girly fun. 
The place is super close:
Pass Walmart, going out of town. Turn right on Stationary Rd and then make your 2nd right at Stalks Ave and it's the 3rd building on the left. 
Again, I just want a really good turnout because it's so fun and a great chance to forget about work, finals, whatever and concentrate on YOU. 

p.s. Comment if you want to come! 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mary Kay?

Also, I'm thinking about being a part-time Mary Kay consultant. That stuff seems to sell like milk...and cereal.

What do u think? Are any of you consultants, were you consultants, or do u know anything about it? Good or bad?

p.s. I need to figure this out by Saturday!

Love you all,


Disclaimer: This is not a "Brag Letter/Post." 
These past two weeks were killer for Britney. She has kept a solid "A" in her anatomy class, but since she was still only halfway through her possible points, the fact that she still had 500 points to earn scared her to pieces. She had come so far, and only made it halfway--what if she screwed everything up this last half? The first week, she had a lecture exam and then the second week she had a lab exam. The lecture was on action potentials in skeletal and smooth muscle, but she worked through it fine. The lab exam was going to be tricky though. Usually, lab boosts Britney's grade and so she really needed to perform well to ensure her hopeful "A". Britney had to memorize all the muscles on both the models and cadavers, along with their respective actions, functions, insertions, and correct spellings. Not exactly an easy task in such a short amount of time. So, she prayed, liked hard, and she studied, even harder. She studied at home, at open lab, in the car, in the hallways, pretty much everywhere. And when it came time for test time, there was nothing more to be done than to suck it all in (hopefully like a sponge) and take the exam. Britney went through the questions in about half an hour, which was a little longer than usual. She felt confident she did well, but not sure how well. She could have totally been envisioning the wrong side of the forearm, or gotten confused between the actions and insertions..not to mention spelling. But, once it was done it was done and she was satisfied that is was so totally done. This was Friday. By Monday, no grade up. Tuesday morning, still no grade up. Same with Tuesday night. But Wednesday morning, there it was. Staring her in the face. Disbelief. There is was: a 104. Not only did she get every last one right, she also got all the bonus right too. 
This surged a new realization and awareness into Britney's brain. She's no genius. She can't just look at a cadaver once and know everything. The words of Pres. Clark during a devotional last year came into her mind: (Something along the lines of) There are no geniuses or people that are born smart. They are successful because they have effective work habits and they stick to them. She realized that her efforts and through learning by the Spirit she was able to know the answers. 
So, her message to all: There are no geniuses, just people who know how to put the time into studying. We all have the potential to be great. It just depends on how badly we want to push ourselves to be our greatest. And once we are consistently learning, it becomes easier to learn and less of a struggle. Knowledge is power. Power to control and not be controlled by killer tests.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just Kidding!

This past Saturday, Adam came home with a letter for Britney from the BYU-I Nursing Dept. A little confused it came so early, as she applied for the fall semester, she opened the letter. Low and behold--she wasn't accepted. Annoyed that such a decision was so quick and final, she ripped the letter in half and through it in the kitchen trash. Two days later, at her weight training class, Britney talked to her friend, Tracey, who is in the program, about the fact that she had been rejected before the program could even see her anat and phys grades. Tracey was just as confused as Britney. She told Britney to go home and make sure the letter said she had been denied for the fall, because the only letters going out now were for those applying for the spring 2009 semester. So, once she got home, Britney rummaged through the garbage (p.s. it was so freaking gross) and found her garbage-soaked letter. Sure enough, the program made a mistake thinking that since I had turned my application in so early, I must have been applying for the spring, a semester I would not be qualified to apply for. So what does this mean?: My application will be considered after my first Anat and phys class anndddd...I'm back in the game, baby!