Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mary Kay Final Offer

K, so I know I've probably wearied everyone with my previous Mary Kay offers, but this is the last and final one--promise.

It actually is because I haven't had the slightest bit of time to go out and do parties like I was so I have a big-old box full of MK goodies next to my bed that begs me to use it or lose it.
So I've decided that I need to earn money for the holidays somehow, so the deal is:
I'm going to sell back my box to MK in 1 week. If you want shadows, blushes, mascaras, eyeliners, lip glosses, moisturizers, etc., I'm willing to sell it all for 50% off.

Again, not a big deal but just an opportunity for Christmas gifts, birthdays, or just everyday.
Call me on or before Tuesday, November 3rd, and I'll be happy to discount whatever you want.

(610) 428-5099

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Britney's Birthday Wish List

Another beautiful birthday is just around the corner for Britney. It'll be a day to celebrate life, those in it, and the food that makes it bearable. But what would best mark the end of a wondrous year and welcome the start of 365 days of unpredictability? A wish list. I know, random, right? But this is a different wish list--one that requires looking forward, not back. Besides--it's my birthday--and I can wish if I want to.

Wish #1 - A little boy with Adam's eyes, ears, and everything--who would be legally our's (no street stealing).
Wish #2 - An overnight nursing degree.
Wish #3 - A black, four-door Merecedes Benz (don't ask me the model, I have no idea)
Wish #4 - These:

Girls, get yourselves a pair(s) of platform ankle boots/rocker heals. They will make you happy. They also come in a variety of styles--making them ageless = Moms, get a pair.
Wish #5 - A check in the mail for $100 million, and also a letter from our bank telling us we don't have to pay back our school loans.
Wish #6 - Have Rachel Zoe style me and, because I look so awesome, pay me to wear designer clothes and come in for weekly styling/fittings.
Wish #7 - Own a private jet with free gas and maintenance that takes me all across the world to my millions of private runways, including the front doors of delicious restaurants.
Wish #8 - A big custom made home with spiraling marble stair cases and LG red washer and dryer.
Wish #9 - A complete white wash of the government. We need new people to corrupt it.
Wish #10 - A plastic card that is honorable world wide for free stuff.
Wish #11 - A personal masseuse.
Wish #12 - A mountain full of gold to pay back our debts to China so everyone would stop freaking out.
Wish #13 - A brand new house for my parents.
Wish #14 - Adam to design a world-wide logo (same as Coca Cola, Nike, etc.) so he can instantly peak in his career and be recognized globally as awesome.
Wish #15 - Finding the cure for cancer.
Wish #16 - A button that makes everyone instantly successful.
Wish #17 - Another button that instantly changes my outfit.
Wish #18 - One more button that makes me instantly ready for bed.
Wish #19 - The ability to fly via sheer awesomeness.
Wish #20 - A digital map that shows the exact locations and intents of every bad person in the world.
Wish # Above everything - Exaltation with my husband and family.
Friends and Family:
Make it happen.
Psht. Just kidding.