Friday, January 29, 2010

Covet Corner

Hello ladies.
Cassandra has invited me every week to contribute to Hopscotch For Women. My assignment is "The Covet Corner." Basically, I pick up on common trends and classical pieces (basically something I want really bad) and write a blurb about it with some places to buy it.
Today my first piece is up!
Check it out:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Go here, if you can. Yes, this is my mother. And yes, that is me and my sister with the nagging voices in the background.

Monday, January 18, 2010

No School

leather jacket: Freedom 2be. white striped blouse: Gap. pink cardigan: hand-me-down. black skinny jeans: Paris Blues. black flats: Apt. 1. plaid scarf: some store in NYC. headband: Forever 21. black bag: H&M. 

We didn't have school today--which was so nice. I wish I could say we lounged around all day, but we decided that since every time our car moves into 1st and 2nd gear it clunks as though we're going to fall through the car floor, it might be smart to go car shopping/browsing. We found some pretty good deals and now have a lot of thinking to do within the next week. It was a great day though and we got to test drive a lot of fancy-shmancy (at least for us) automobiles--one of which was the 2009 Toyota Highlander, which is a DREAM car, of which we've decided to purchase once we're rich and famous. 
So anyway, I hope you all had a relaxing day off of school and if you were working, I'm sorry. Maybe another day. 

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Busy Busy

It's been a busy week--to say the least. I feel like I have no idea where I am anymore, as if I've lost all sense of reality and "the real world" that's out there. But the busy is a good busy, as we both feel like we're really delving into our majors and progressing towards our prospective careers. This weekend is a long one and I can't WAIT to enjoy some TV time with my eternal cuddler...even though I could be getting ahead with homework, but who would want to do THAT?
Here's some pics Adam snapped today, well, actually, this post was supposed to be for yesterday but the pictures wouldn't post. We took them after our religion class we have together. I found these boots at Forever21 with my mother and sisters-in-law. At first I was, why not? I'll try them. Once everyone saw me in them they thought I was kidding. Once I saw myself with them I totally wasn't. Although they look like elf or Peter Pan shoes, they keep my feet warm and dry, my reassurance of how cool I am at a reasonable level, have COLOR, and are my favorite things to put on my feet right now. I LOVE them. 
Shopping tip of the day:
If you like something at first glance and find yourself over-analyzing about it:
Get it. 
Chances are you'll go home with something similar to it but less awesome and wish you hadn't been so paranoid. 
Trust your inner-shopping instincts

Adam was making me laugh SO hard during this. 

BYU-Idaho. Right at the quad by the Taylor. 
Gray skinny jeans: Forever21. Black turtleneck: H&M. Undertank: Charlotte Russe. Scarf: Some NYC street vendor guy. Navy coat: H&M. Awesome green boots: Forever 21. School bag: Ralph Lauren.                   

Lesson of the day:
If you feel like you're not making the best use out of your day, make a weekly schedule for yourself. Especially for those in school, make a weekly calendar. Fill it in with your obligations (classes, work, oil change, etc.), things secondary in importance, and then study times. I'm taking an online test taking skills class and one thing I've learned from it is that studying for 1 hour sessions is most effective, as opposed to studying marathons. Chances are if you're a marathon studier (like me), you try to find "the perfect" time to set aside to really sit down and read. More often than not, this time never comes does it? I learned to study in short increments throughout the day so you (1) Don't burn out and waste time reading over everything and (2) you're studying from day 1, not the night before the test. 
Just a thought, take it or leave it. 

Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm Published!

A couple months ago, my extremely talented cousin, Cassandra, invited me to contribute to an online magazine called Hopscotch. Hopscotch is an online magazine where women of all ages come together and submit their stories, fashion and beauty tips, or anything else they feel interesting to share. I think it's a fantastic idea and Cassandra, a former contributor of Vanity Fair, deserves all the credit as founder and editor in chief.
Soooo...this week she featured several articles--including mine!--on the Mine's called, "Married, with Homework." Totally understandable for many of you, but if you feel like seeing your life on the big screen (well...that would depend on how big your computer screen is) take a look! 
Also, this site is for all women. So read a little about it and if you decide you have something to share--post it up! It's definitely a daily read for me! I think it'll end up being the new (or created) Women's Digest!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

Back in Vancouver, the Stevens' family friend Jennifer Bunnell took some family photos while the whole clan was together for Christmas. Some pretty crazy fog settled in later in the day, and although someone said they look like we're all going to a funeral, I think they're fantastic. Take a look! 

That's it ladies--work it.

Lesson of the Day:
I was tenderly reminded this weekend of promises I've made in my life--promises I whole-heartedly, non-forcefully in any way made. I believe that life and humanity have a reason behind their order. I find it hard to look up into the vast night sky, with all its wonder and mystery and tell myself there's nothing greater than me out there. Although it's far more meaningful to me than that, basically, there's too much order, too much joy, too much matter, and too much good for me to think it was organized perfectly on its own and that in the end it means nothing. I believe my life--full of emotions, relationships, heartache, and difficulties--has a purpose and I've felt too much, seen too much, and know too much to ever forsake that knowledge. We can all attest that the most beautiful and sacred things on this earth are attacked and distorted in their imitation the most. I have a testimony of the sacredness of life and how one goes about living it. We can choose joy or we can choose misery as the gift of free agency grants. What will you choose today, tomorrow, and in the future?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope your respective festivities we're fabulous and that you rung in the new year with those you love most--we sure did, minus my entire family. Last night we went over to our friends the Goodwins for their annual party. There were three age groups--the parents, the college kids, and the kids. Us college kids spent the night playing hardcore rock band, Scene It, and Nerts. Adam had a great time reuniting with his childhood friends and you could tell we were all enjoying our time off from school. I have to say that one of the greatest perks of marriage is always having someone to kiss for New Years--it's a totally new occurrence in my life. Favorite quote of the night: "It's a whole new year for me to love you." Who said it?--Duh...Adam. Even though he said it in his "I know I'm being corny, but please think I'm cute anyway" face, it still gave me butterflies.
Last night basically marked the end of vacation. Although it's been a great break, I'm nowhere NEAR ready to start the next semester--especially when these nursing classes start exactly where I left off = no mercy. (Three more semesters, three more semesters...) 
Also, yesterday morning we went to Voodoo Doughnuts--a really yummy shop famous for their voodoo doll shaped doughnuts. Pics are below!
Oh, and I've decided that with each post I'm going to also state something I learned that day--as is most appropriate for our electronic journal. 
Lesson of the Day:
I learned the importance of people. Although Adam's family and I are only family by law, I truly felt apart of them from the beginning. With my family all the way on the east coast, it is important, especially for me, to open my heart and life to those around me. We all need somebody--why not have everyone you can? 
As always, we send our love and best wishes to everyone as we start this new year. May everything you wish and hope for in 2010 be yours. 

p.s. I really like the mild shoulder pads on this blouse. It gives a little lift to an otherwise basic outfit. Also, these pictures were taken at three in the morning. Nuff said. 
skinny jeans: unknown tj maxx brand. ruffled blouse: Target. Flowy cardigan: forever 21. black flats: apt. 1. pearl necklace: forever 21.