Monday, January 18, 2010

No School

leather jacket: Freedom 2be. white striped blouse: Gap. pink cardigan: hand-me-down. black skinny jeans: Paris Blues. black flats: Apt. 1. plaid scarf: some store in NYC. headband: Forever 21. black bag: H&M. 

We didn't have school today--which was so nice. I wish I could say we lounged around all day, but we decided that since every time our car moves into 1st and 2nd gear it clunks as though we're going to fall through the car floor, it might be smart to go car shopping/browsing. We found some pretty good deals and now have a lot of thinking to do within the next week. It was a great day though and we got to test drive a lot of fancy-shmancy (at least for us) automobiles--one of which was the 2009 Toyota Highlander, which is a DREAM car, of which we've decided to purchase once we're rich and famous. 
So anyway, I hope you all had a relaxing day off of school and if you were working, I'm sorry. Maybe another day. 


Morgan Gunter said...

you should go to Hertz Car Sales in Idaho Falls. That is where we got our Subaru. They were sooo kind to us. We werent expecting to go away with a car so soon, but they took a check from us and told us they wouldnt cash it till we told them it was alright. They were so accomidating.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Aww, I have the same scarf! It looks great on you! Good luck car hunting! Brett and I just had to buy him a "new to us" car because his died out!

Tiffany said...

I love your new blog layout! so pretty. and your outfits too!