Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

Back in Vancouver, the Stevens' family friend Jennifer Bunnell took some family photos while the whole clan was together for Christmas. Some pretty crazy fog settled in later in the day, and although someone said they look like we're all going to a funeral, I think they're fantastic. Take a look! 

That's it ladies--work it.

Lesson of the Day:
I was tenderly reminded this weekend of promises I've made in my life--promises I whole-heartedly, non-forcefully in any way made. I believe that life and humanity have a reason behind their order. I find it hard to look up into the vast night sky, with all its wonder and mystery and tell myself there's nothing greater than me out there. Although it's far more meaningful to me than that, basically, there's too much order, too much joy, too much matter, and too much good for me to think it was organized perfectly on its own and that in the end it means nothing. I believe my life--full of emotions, relationships, heartache, and difficulties--has a purpose and I've felt too much, seen too much, and know too much to ever forsake that knowledge. We can all attest that the most beautiful and sacred things on this earth are attacked and distorted in their imitation the most. I have a testimony of the sacredness of life and how one goes about living it. We can choose joy or we can choose misery as the gift of free agency grants. What will you choose today, tomorrow, and in the future?


Candi said...

I love that Britney. You are so right! I have long ago realized that sometimes we are giving hard things to deal with and the best thing I ever learned from my mom is that we can take it and make the best out of it or we can let it make us miserable. Happiness is a choice not something that happens randomly. Thanks for your thoughts!!!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Could you and Adam be any more adorable? I think not. :)