Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm Published!

A couple months ago, my extremely talented cousin, Cassandra, invited me to contribute to an online magazine called Hopscotch. Hopscotch is an online magazine where women of all ages come together and submit their stories, fashion and beauty tips, or anything else they feel interesting to share. I think it's a fantastic idea and Cassandra, a former contributor of Vanity Fair, deserves all the credit as founder and editor in chief.
Soooo...this week she featured several articles--including mine!--on the Mine's called, "Married, with Homework." Totally understandable for many of you, but if you feel like seeing your life on the big screen (well...that would depend on how big your computer screen is) take a look! 
Also, this site is for all women. So read a little about it and if you decide you have something to share--post it up! It's definitely a daily read for me! I think it'll end up being the new (or created) Women's Digest!


The Rider Family said...

Brit loved your piece that you wrote you truely are an amazing writer! I believe it will give so many people encouragement to continue on with their education regardless of being married or not Thank you! I am so proud of you love ya

Candi said...

Good job Britney! I loved your piece. keep up the good work!

Ailinh Harris said...

You're such an amazing writer! I enjoyed reading it.