Thursday, January 14, 2010

Busy Busy

It's been a busy week--to say the least. I feel like I have no idea where I am anymore, as if I've lost all sense of reality and "the real world" that's out there. But the busy is a good busy, as we both feel like we're really delving into our majors and progressing towards our prospective careers. This weekend is a long one and I can't WAIT to enjoy some TV time with my eternal cuddler...even though I could be getting ahead with homework, but who would want to do THAT?
Here's some pics Adam snapped today, well, actually, this post was supposed to be for yesterday but the pictures wouldn't post. We took them after our religion class we have together. I found these boots at Forever21 with my mother and sisters-in-law. At first I was, why not? I'll try them. Once everyone saw me in them they thought I was kidding. Once I saw myself with them I totally wasn't. Although they look like elf or Peter Pan shoes, they keep my feet warm and dry, my reassurance of how cool I am at a reasonable level, have COLOR, and are my favorite things to put on my feet right now. I LOVE them. 
Shopping tip of the day:
If you like something at first glance and find yourself over-analyzing about it:
Get it. 
Chances are you'll go home with something similar to it but less awesome and wish you hadn't been so paranoid. 
Trust your inner-shopping instincts

Adam was making me laugh SO hard during this. 

BYU-Idaho. Right at the quad by the Taylor. 
Gray skinny jeans: Forever21. Black turtleneck: H&M. Undertank: Charlotte Russe. Scarf: Some NYC street vendor guy. Navy coat: H&M. Awesome green boots: Forever 21. School bag: Ralph Lauren.                   

Lesson of the day:
If you feel like you're not making the best use out of your day, make a weekly schedule for yourself. Especially for those in school, make a weekly calendar. Fill it in with your obligations (classes, work, oil change, etc.), things secondary in importance, and then study times. I'm taking an online test taking skills class and one thing I've learned from it is that studying for 1 hour sessions is most effective, as opposed to studying marathons. Chances are if you're a marathon studier (like me), you try to find "the perfect" time to set aside to really sit down and read. More often than not, this time never comes does it? I learned to study in short increments throughout the day so you (1) Don't burn out and waste time reading over everything and (2) you're studying from day 1, not the night before the test. 
Just a thought, take it or leave it. 


Lisa said...

I'm trying to be much more organized this semester. last semester was a whirlwind and I barely survived it. I'm trying to do the weekly schedule thing too. we'll see if it works! hooray for nursing school, right?

manders said...

Love it... You two are seriously the cutest. By the way your article was amazing. Also those boots on you are adorable and you can totally pull them off Go Girl!!! Just something to look at I found this blog through a friend of mine who she doesn't know either but she is a girl who does broadway in NYC and many other things. She also talks about the bachelor every week she is hilarious. her site is
luv ya