Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Statement Necklaces

 Another Covet Corner is up! I am super excited about this one because it's about one of my absolute FAVORITE trends: statement necklaces.
Check it out--there's some gorgeous Spring pieces you have to see. 

Also, my cousin Cassandra, the editor in chief of Hopscotch For Women, asked me if I knew anyone that would like to contribute to the magazine. I know you all have amazing stories, ideas, and opinions, so why not receive recognition for it? 
Either contact me, or go to hopscotchforwomen.com and click on the link to email the editor. It's a great opportunity and there's nothing to lose. Plus, no deadlines=no excuses not to contribute. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big News

No, we're not pregnant. 
Yes, it's possible for us to have other exciting news besides Britney putting on weight. So, for news' sake, Adam got released from his calling as executive secretary in our ward, as he's been called as the 1st counselor in a singles ward bishopric here on campus. We're sad to be "leaving" our ward, but are super excited to work with the singles on campus. We start on Sunday! 
Our mission is to be examples of eternal marriage, love, and religious dedication and we couldn't be more grateful for this unique opportunity to serve.
Considering the naive, bizarre, and ridiculously trendy idea that seems to pervade into every 81st ward (if not every ward) member's mind, I want to announce that we're not moving, we're just not going to be in church every Sunday. I know it might be hard to believe people exist outside of church, but we still go to BYU-Idaho and we still live in our same apartment, so no excuses for not calling to hang out (even though no one hangs out anymore regardless).
Anyway, just a heads up. We're not inactive, we're not bitter. We're only leaving you with an empty feeling in your gut and the absence of tranny heals, bow-ties, and various different patterned tights on Sundays.
Hope you can deal with it. Miss you already. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Wish List

Some have felt it sooner than others, but I believe that the past week has marked the beginning of Spring here in Rexburg. The sun is shining earlier and later, the grass is getting green in sporadic patches, and students are finally freeing up parking spaces by riding their bikes to school. This time of year always makes me fall back in love with pastels, linens, ruffles, and beautiful soft yellows and pinks.
Saying goodbye to blacks and grays, here's a couple things I've spotted for their replacements:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Want

Oh yes, to your dismay it's another I WANT post. My crazy sister Briana came to visit last week and she had the coolest pair of brogues. And of course, she got them dirt cheap at some awesome NY consignment shop. Why does DI have to disappoint me on such a ridiculously frequent basis? 
I want these from Aldo and Steven Madden.
Why?Because, if you haven't already noticed, I wear heals every Sunday because my flats are so overused and not awesome. I like to be creative and innovative while being trendy (if that even makes sense). 
How would I wear these?:
I would wear these with everything--rolled up baggy jeans, cute skirts, every colored tights, and any dress I own.
What's stopping me?:
We spent the money I could have used for shoes on a rug for our living room at Ikea. 
Was it worth it?Absolutely. But as a dirty scrub-wearing nursing student, I need my girly pleasures to make the world seem happy again (again?).  

So in the mean time, I am just going to suck it up and wait for my credit card to let me redeem the points I earned from swiping that attention-grabbing pink card they sent me. 
What do you want for Spring?

Covet Corner: Leggings

Ok, so I know that this is all I've been posting on lately, but here's another article I wrote for Hopscotch. I'm enjoying writing this Covet Corner blurb. It's so much fun to shop online for what I want and then tell the world how much I want it and why I want it and why you should want it too. Yes, I find that fun. 

This week: Leggings. Read up.