Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Statement Necklaces

 Another Covet Corner is up! I am super excited about this one because it's about one of my absolute FAVORITE trends: statement necklaces.
Check it out--there's some gorgeous Spring pieces you have to see. 

Also, my cousin Cassandra, the editor in chief of Hopscotch For Women, asked me if I knew anyone that would like to contribute to the magazine. I know you all have amazing stories, ideas, and opinions, so why not receive recognition for it? 
Either contact me, or go to hopscotchforwomen.com and click on the link to email the editor. It's a great opportunity and there's nothing to lose. Plus, no deadlines=no excuses not to contribute. 


L& J said...

glad i found your blog & thanks for commenting on mine. i love new blogging friends. it makes my work day more bearable when there's more blogs to look at. haha.

good job with the w.w. i love their ice cream treats! 1 point fudgecicle... yes ma'am!

amber lee said...

If only I were as creative and good with words as you would I volunteer to write for hopscotch. :) You do a great job Britney!