Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just Kidding!

This past Saturday, Adam came home with a letter for Britney from the BYU-I Nursing Dept. A little confused it came so early, as she applied for the fall semester, she opened the letter. Low and behold--she wasn't accepted. Annoyed that such a decision was so quick and final, she ripped the letter in half and through it in the kitchen trash. Two days later, at her weight training class, Britney talked to her friend, Tracey, who is in the program, about the fact that she had been rejected before the program could even see her anat and phys grades. Tracey was just as confused as Britney. She told Britney to go home and make sure the letter said she had been denied for the fall, because the only letters going out now were for those applying for the spring 2009 semester. So, once she got home, Britney rummaged through the garbage (p.s. it was so freaking gross) and found her garbage-soaked letter. Sure enough, the program made a mistake thinking that since I had turned my application in so early, I must have been applying for the spring, a semester I would not be qualified to apply for. So what does this mean?: My application will be considered after my first Anat and phys class anndddd...I'm back in the game, baby!  


Aaron and Ailinh Harris said...

so intense! knock em dead, girl.

Samantha said...

I didn't know you were applying for the nursing program. Good luck!

Lauren and Joseph Brown said...

Hey Britney I'm glad I found you on here. Congratulations! Isn't married life the best? Man, that must have been frustrating. Hey if you haven't taken A&P yet take it from Bro. Buhrley! Or at least take the second half from him. He is the best. At least I loved him. Good luck on the Nursing program, I'm sure you'll get in with your 4.0!!!!