Wednesday, October 13, 2010

17.5 Weeks

It's been another week. At this time I'm feeling uncomfortable sleeping on my stomach, wake up finding myself on my back and unable to breathe, and jeans digging into my womb. Ahhhh the growing. I've felt the baby move so much more distinctly. I can't believe we find out what it is in 2.5 weeks! What do you think it is?
I think the worst part of the growing is the ligaments stretching and accommodating--it's sad to think they'll never be quite that taut again. 
On Tuesday I had my last scenario EVER. We had a DKA "patient" and I actually had a pretty good time. The skills and orders were all straight forward and I think I left my mannequin better off than when I came in. I'm so relieved it's finally over. Scenario always feels like a major wall in the way of me moving forward in the semester. 
For my birthday on Friday, Adam's taking me shoe shopping (horah!) and then we're gunna grab a Lucy's NY style pizza on the way home to cuddle and watch a movie with. Saturday my besty Natalie is hosting a celebration with chocolate fountains and pumpkin pie. I love my birthday! It's during my favorite time of year. The leaves are changing and falling, the air is cool and crisp, and I love bundling up with a peacoat and scarf. 
Currently my house is smelling of vanilla cinnamon--it makes me feel like the holidays are just around the corner. 


Candi said...

I'm guessing Girl! Not that carrying has been proven but I always noticed Brook was higher up on my belly and my boys were lower. I'm excited to hear what ya have! Oh sweetie, i'm sorry to hear how uncomfortable your sleeping is ALREADY. Hang in there cause when you are 8-9 months its tough. My advice is get a U or C shaped body pillow... It saved my life!!! And you'll love it for feeding.

Breezie said...

So...I was eating at Lucy's the other day and I thought to myself "I wonder if Britney has ever eaten here?" Funny! I'm curious...does it compare to NY pizza? I have wanted to get an educated opinion :)

Natalie Daniel said...

Sienna says boy, so PROVE HER WRONG!!! I want you to have a girl!!!!