Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hopscotch Springtime Giveaway!

So the online magazine I'm contributing to is giving away 4 Springtime nail colors. Sorry ladies, but blacks and other darks colors are fading, so check out these new fresh looks that were featured during this year's NY Fashion Week. If you email the editor you can win ALL of the colors for FREE. Good luck! To enter and read my article, go HERE
Also, for those who are unfamiliar to Hopscotch For Women, it is an online magazine where women, like you, contribute, much like a Reader's Digest. Without your contributions the magazine wouldn't be what it is. The first time I wrote for it I wrote about a difficult experience I had trying to get into nursing school, HERE, but you can write about anything you want. If you have a humorous, touching, or even miraculous experience, or just have something you want to share, go to Hopscotchforwomen.com and click on the "email the editor" icon. The editor is a very talented and kind person and accepts all pieces. Lastly, don't let a lack of writing experience stop you. The editor, as an editor, edits your work while preserving your style and story. 
I've been enriched by the opportunity and know you will too! 

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Tiffany said...

I adore your blog. so cute.