Tuesday, April 19, 2011

White Trash

Today I was a bad Mom. 
I don't like grocery shopping. And I especially don't like doing it alone. While at school, Adam and I used to look forward to our monthly grocery shopping trips together. Again, not because we liked doing it, because we hated it, but coming home and unpacking bags of groceries was like opening presents on Christmas morning. Stocking up our empty shelves and refrigerator was the best feeling. 
I didn't want to go alone tonight. My smart husband suggested that I just go alone while he stay home with our infant son. I said, no, I'll feed him before we go, throw him in the car-seat, and he'll sleep the whole time.
I was wrong.
He got fussy in the produce section. Which is the first section. So, after repeated fussing and one red-faced baby later, Adam decided the little dude needed to be cuddled. Which meant taking him out of his carseat. So he did. Oh, and did I mention we grocery shop at Super Walmart?
So here we were. New parents. Carrying a 3 week old baby in arm. Uncovered. Exposed. At Walmart. 
And here's the kicker: He got hungry. Of course he got hungry. So what did we do? Mixed a bottle of formula in the bread aisle and stuck it in the kid's mouth as fellow customers squeezed by. 
And then what happened?
Lover boy decided it might be best to find a rocking chair on display to feed our poor child on--all the while people walked by, oohing and ahhing at the small infant.
Now, normal people would have judged us for being so thoughtless/negligent/selfish. "What kind of morons would take a newborn baby out in the public like that? I mean the poor dear is basically sterile." We would've left having been given numberless stink eyes and head shakes of disapproval. 
But people at Walmart aren't normal.
So they actually did the opposite. 
It would've made me feel better if everyone had judged us. 
Welcome to the world, Jude Bug. Your parents officially suck. 


Lisa said...

eeeeeevery parent has done something like that. i've nursed jake in the fitting rooms of wal-mart. wait until you join the ranks of carrying a toddler kicking and screaming out the doors of wal-mart. or when he says "ma-mart" everytime we drive by. don't worry. you're not white trash. you're a mom. :)

Samantha said...

I agree with Lisa.

I took Avery to Article Circle when she was 1 week old and even nursed her while we were there. And when we moved to New Mexico, I nursed Avery in all sorts of public places even truck stops.

Well to the real world.

PS I HATE grocery shopping alone. I'd rather go with Sean and both girls then by myself.

manders said...

At least you didn't rip it out in public and feed him LOL... I'm sure he looked adorable still. You two are still amazing parents love u

Braiden & Sharon Willey said...

You gotta do what you gotta do! Right!? That's what I tell myself anyways....

Kimberly said...

Jude your parents don't suck. It is called being a parent. You start doing things you never thought you would do and your kids start doing thing you never thought they'd do. Trust me it only gets worse as they get older and you get more kids.

Lauren said...

Welcome to parenthood :) It gets even more exciting, just you wait!

Candi said...

DOnt be so hard on yourself! This is your first baby and first outing with baby. Believe me, you gotta do what you gotta do! I used to worry about people's judgments but in the end you have to do what makes sense for you. I learned to tilt my babies back in their car seat and stick a blanket under the bottle so I could still push the cart. Did I get stink eye, you bet but It worked! I know you will do great and you are GREAT parents. We always joke that Brook was our "practice child" cause by the time we had Mason and Dallas it was a snap, as far as those little trips and outtings go.
P.S. if you bottle feed like i did, I highly suggest using a 12 hour camping thermous. It keeps the water warm all day for long trips or places you can't warm it up easily. Just thought you'd want to know. That was a life saver for us.

Bethany Rice said...

K so this is your bestie and I'm sittin here iwht Beth and you're ridiculous. This is called being NORMAL!!!! Welcome to motherhood. Grant and I took Maggie to Walmart at the same age and someone asked to hold her! I said no and gaurded her with my life and gave them the stink eye!

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