Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Work It

I was going through my documents on my desktop and discovered this picture from back when I did a photo shoot with Myra Kjer. I love it. I love it because I loved that day. Myra's work is so vintage-inspired and in the middle of nowhere in Idaho, in a shack that could have very well been inhabited by wild animals, quite possibly bears--I'm deathly afraid of bears--, I felt like a French model from 1965. And although I also felt pretentious and mildly silly, Myra's passion and excitement made that day one that I look back on with immense fondness. That day I was temporarily liberated from dowdy-dirty nursing student, and transformed into girly, flirty, and fabulous "model." It was acting, and are we really ever too old to pretend and play dress up? I recommend it to all. Ladies, we should all feel gorgeous, fabulous, and desirable--daily. But more often than not we need an experience to force us to feel so. 
Challenge of the week?
1. Put together a creative ensemble you wouldn't dare walk out the door in--the kind where you throw on your highest heals and most insane prints.
2. Grab your husband, girlfriend, or just your camera timer. 
3. Doll yourself up. 
4. Take some random glamour shots.
Cheesy? Narcissistic? 14 year-old-ish? 
Probably. Unfortunately probably. 
But who cares. 
Ten years from now no one will look at those pictures and think..."Wow she was full of herself." They'll think..."Wow, she looked fantastic!"

Hone your inner diva and never be afraid to work it. 


alyssa said...

loved this post! i'm totally gonna do it, after i give birth...

Haley K said...

Hi there Britney! I don't know if you remember me, but I met you in Vancouver (i'm the Stums' daughter:) and we're fb friends...which is how I got to this fabulous blog of yours, your link came up on my newsfeed. and I'm glad I checked it out :) This post is fantastic!! You are gorgeous in that stunning photo...and I love your challenge! Cheers to loving being feminine and getting all gussied up! ;)

Hope you don't mind if I follow :) Your husband is such a great guy, and I'd love to keep up on you and your precious family!

PS - your Jude is such a stud!

PPS - sorry for the novel :)