Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Smiling Man

Jude and I have become pretty great buddies. The first weeks of our relationship have been a lot of one-way affection. I was doing all the smiling, kissing, and laughing for the both of us--though I can't discount his cuddling contribution, because he's pretty giving in that department.  
But that all changed last week when he started smiling. He first did it last Wednesday. That day was kind of a bad day for Jude--basically a bad case of cranky pantsness. Feeling somewhat guilty, I grew tired of my child, sat him down on his boppy on my lap and daydreamed off into the distance while he squeaked and growled at me. When I finally came back to reality I looked down at my young child beaming up at me with the biggest gummy smile ever, as if to say, "Sorry, Mom, I feel better now. And you're the best." Q heart melting. 
LOVE him. 
I've been trying ever since to get a video of him smiling. AND HERE IT IS. 
p.s. It takes a little while. And don't make fun of me for sounding like a moron. 
And the end is gross. 
You might as well just watch the whole thing.


Natalie Daniel said...

It's okay Jude, everyone poops, and everyone pukes. Sorry that your mom posts it for the whole world to see. You do have a killer smile lil man.

Braiden & Sharon Willey said...

HAHAH CUTE!! And yes a little gross. When Ethan started crawling and he would puke like that, he would play in it..... :)

The Rider Family said...

sooo cute love his smile!! the boys thought it was fun to see him soo cute can't wait to see you soon!

Dustin and Erika said...

I was waiting for the spit up! He's a cute little kid! You need to post a pic of you and Adam when you guys were babies so I can figure out who he looks like right now!

Samantha said...

OMG! I LOVE JUDE! He's so cute!!! I love his little smile and blue eyes. Lexi and I watched the whole video just so we could see the ending. Nice work Jude, keeping your mom busy!

Haley K said...

reading about how you looked down to see his gummy smile made me melt!! i love my little B's cute teeth...but i miss that toothless grin :)

And that video of him with his little grunts and ADORABLE sneezes and that SWEET smile was so darling! You're going to love that you captured the sweet, simple moments of him as you tiny newborn :)

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