Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Snacker

Tonight kind of went like this:
Dinner, FHE, workout, come home. 
Around 9 o'clock the little guy decided he wanted a snack.
So I got hungry, naturally, and Adam just so happened to be in the kitchen. 
My selection of night-time snack #1 went something like this:

Brit: Hey, hun. Would you bring me an apple?
Adam: Yeah, sure. 
Brit: And the peanut butter jar with a knife?
Brit: And the Nutella? 

By the end of it, I had basically destroyed any nutritional value in that poor, poor piece of fruit. 
But it was delicious. 
Husband couldn't help but laugh over the massive cliche I was tragically committing. I might as well have balanced both jars on my belly and demanded Oreos to come join the party. 


Heidi said...

hahahaha love it.

alyssa said...

that my fav snack too! i just finished off a jar of peanut butter, when the apple was done i just started eating the peanut butter by itself, i need to try apples with nutella.