Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little Man Clothes

Am I a bad soon-to-be mom for planning on dressing my little boy like this?
Or like this?

The correct answer is no. 


Natalie Daniel said...

Dressing a lil boy this way is the only way he is allowed to marry one of my girls. It's a must.

ailinh harris said...

Nope! Raise him as a heart-breaker at an early age never hurts... until he becomes a playa at 25, but let's noottttt!

Candi said...

Oh there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing your little guy however you want. As long as you are aware that the clothes may be spit on, puked on, pooped on and quite possibly ruined all withing the first week. hehe Or you may get lucky like my sister in-law and have kids that are clean freaks. hehe! no matter what you'll love him. Its adorable though!

Heidi said...

You know every girl is going to have a crush on him from day one. Way cute!