Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wear This, Not That

I think a lot of the time in our efforts to be fashionable we don't work up the courage to purchase stylish things until either everyone's already wearing them or they're from "last season." There's a couple of things that have been on my mind and would like to state my opinion about them. Now, before I rant about something you yourself have in your closet, just know that this is a fashion-rant, but I believe as long as someone feels good about themselves and that what they've put on their bodies represents their personality and personal style then that's great and should be encouraged to continue to do so. So maybe this is more of a push in the right direction for those who aren't sure about the following:
#1: Pink sweatsuits
Sweat attire is and never was fashionable. I know we all want to be comfortable, but why do it looking like Paris Hilton or Hannah Montana? No one believes that you just came from the gym in that bright pink, sparkling velvet material that says "PINK" or "PRINCESS" on the bum.
Try this instead:
Leggings with a long shirt. It's comfy, versatile, and if done right should prevent you from flagging down the next airplane. 

#2: Pointed faux-leather boots
These are very 2004. I see them a lot, and they remind me of something my middle school teacher or Hilary Clinton would wear. They're not suited for anyone in my opinion, but especially women with some youth. There are too many alternatives that are youthful and bring something to your outfit, not just add a dull finish. Try ankle boots or a simple pair of the perfect pumps. Aldo is my new favorite for the basics. 

Wear these black pumps from Aldo or these ankle boots from Macy's. 

#3: Uggs
They look like little gingerbread men. They have also been shown to destroy your feet. Plus, you're paying for cankles. Find a nice pair of flats or oxfords. 

#4: Cork-soled wedges
I wore these when I was 11. I know that fashion repeats itself, but when they're big, bold, and red polka-dotted, they're not for you. They especially don't go with long, frayed, or washed out jeans. Please stop wearing them.
Wear these Dolce Vita and Urban Outfitters wedges!:

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