Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beginning Summer

I think this is the longest I've gone without posting something. I mean seriously--I don't have time to post something? These last couple weeks of the semester have been pretty busy and eventful, to say the least. Tomorrow I have my last final, for my marriage class, so I'm kind of procrastinating. It was a really good class though. I would recommend it to anyone, or any marriage class for that matter. Whether you're not married yet, about to or just gotten married, or been married for 25 years, anyone can learn something new. I thought our marriage was perfect, but I realized that there are things I need to work on in order to truly love Adam. One of the things I especially liked learning about is called being a "dream detective." According to marriage-expert John Gottman, most perpetual problems in marriage, or those that are rarely ever resolved, are so difficult to resolve because they are based on something deeper, and those things are usually dreams or other underlying factors. I realized that when I tell Adam his desire to purchase a 2 ton letter press and keep it in a storage unit until we get a bigger place is ridiculous, I am forgetting to acknowledge his wishes, desires and dreams in life. Adam loves doing design on the computer, but especially enjoys fine art, where he creates something with his own hands. Adam knows that buying this ridiculously huge and expensive-to-maintain hunk of metal is not going to happen just yet for him, but he's trying to get me to recognize his desires and dreams and for me to accept and validate them. Anyway, so the joke whenever he asks me if he can do something and I say no is that I'm a "dream crusher." 
Adam: I really want to go golfing this Saturday with my friends.
Britney: We can't afford it.
Adam: Dream crusher. 
Anyways, I was inspired by Mrs. Breezie Bitter to make a list of things I intend on getting done during the 7-week break (starting tomorrow!):
1. Running everyday to compensate for the amount of eating I'm planning on doing 
2. Go to Monkey Rock and bridge jump
3. Re-do our wall canvases--they need more purple, I'm kind of obsessed with purple right now.
4. Eat pizza at Grimmaldi's in Brooklyn
5. Get a Phili cheesesteak with my brother 
6. Go to Rita's for Italian Ice (my favorite is chocolate, is that weird?)
7. Go to the Jersey Shore and not see Snookie 
8. Jump into Lake George in the Adirondacks and sleep in--that usually gets grandpa mad because we sleep through tennis lessons every year
9. Go to West Point Military Academy and double with my friend Tara and her man..maid of honor and I haven't seen her in 2 years
10. Squeeze my parents' dogs
11. Bask in humidity and frizzy hair--Adam's gets curly
12. Go to Carlo's Bakery and get Italian Wedding Cake with Lobster tails (Karl's the guy from Cake Boss)
13. Do girls night with my sisters and Mom before Briana moves to LA
14. Take practice nursing tests so I don't fail the exit exam in December (I graduate in DECEMBER!)
15. Kiss Grandpa--my first love
16. Go to H&M
17. Go to consignment stores
18. Eat a cannoli and tomato pie
19. Bake with my Mom
20. Go to the Manhattan Temple again
21. Sit in Central Park with a pretzel the size of a wheel barrel
If I can do all of these things I think I'll feel satisfied with life, nostalgia, and year-long food cravings. I am my oldest sister's sister...of course. 


Hank and Stacy Toone said...

crazy! I think we are doing a state swap in the next few weeks. We are headed out to vaca in UT and ID probably about the time you guys are going to NY! I'm excited for you to experience NY food again. When Hank and I left the first time he asked me what I missed the most and the first thing I thought of was the food! Enjoy!

Jessica said...

We love food!

Matt and Breezie said...

I'm glad I inspired you. And you , my dear, inspired me to set a few personal/spiritual goals over the break instead of hiding in my craft room :). I hope you guys are doing good....we miss seeing your smiling faces on Sunday!!

Ailinh Harris said...

Oh phew. If it weren't for seeing you around here and there, I'd think you'd gone MIA, too. ;) Anywho, GREAT list. Now you've inspired me to make my own personal to-do list.

Candi said...

Is it horrible to say that I am extremely jealous of some of your plans Brittany? I haven't been back east for a couple years and its starting to wear on me. I miss the trees, the city, family, hearing the accent. I miss so much.
I hope you have fun and take lots of pictures!