Monday, July 26, 2010

A Little Warmth

This is what I wore yesterday. It was a warm day, no doubt, but I figured the church building would be ridiculously freezing so I threw on a blazer. It was definitely a smart choice--I've never been to a ward building in the world that wasn't frigid in summer and over-heated in the winter. 

He's so sexy. 

blazer: urban outfitters. blouse: gap. skirt: kohls. brogue-inspired flats: aldo.
bangs: courtesy of Natalie Daniel. 

I LOVE blazers now. This is one of three that I got from Urban this season. What I love is that they are seriously all year pieces and they go with everything. But my all-time favorite right now are these flats I got from Aldo a couple months ago. I really wanted this pair of black leather brogues that were on sale online, but when I went to find them in store they were full price and I didn't want to pay shipping. But, I found these little cuties for $19.99 each and bought two pairs, one in black and one in bright blue. I LOVE them! They're super comfortable and I wear them all the time. 

Have a great week everyone! We can't wait to fly out and visit my family this Friday!

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