Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Where Am I?

Where am I? 
I'm in my happy place. 
I  love this place. Once we got off the plane, I saw an Orthodox Jew and thought, "I'm home." When we stepped outside I looked around and sighed: "I love traffic and honking horns." My aunt and uncle picked us up and I couldn't get over my love for a good Jersey accent. I almost cried when she offered me raviolis (ITALIAN FOOD!). That next day I got my pizza fix (x3) and we started our vacation. 
Ahhhhh the east. Beach tomorrow. :)

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alyssa said...

mmmmm that looks SOO fun! i REALLY wanna go to nyc again! we saw the "other guys" too, holy language! p.s. i love the bathing suit!