Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation Update

By the way, before I even start, I just want you to know that I am currently disliking (tremendously) my blog design/background. I need Adam to fix it because he used his computer savvy-ness to screw with almost everything. Until then, it'll be overly earthy. 
So, where to begin?
To recap:
Week 1: Week 1 was spent in upstate NY in the Adirondacks by Lake George. Gorgeous place. We go there every summer as kind of a family reunion for family on my dad's side. Basically the whole week is spent swimming, working out, hiking, boating, playing tennis and shuffle board, eating overpriced food, and scarfing down tons of late-night ice cream--all while staying in a super old/gorgeous cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. It's a great breath of fresh air. 

Week 2: Week 2 was crazy--so crazy that I don't even have pictures for everything that we did. Monday, we went to Dutch Springs, which is an aqua park situated on one of PA's many fresh water (are any of them not fresh?) quarries. The park consists of water trampolines, a blob, steep icebergs, slides, and anything else  used for flotation devices. Lots of fun and super tiring. 
The next day we went out with my brother and his girlfriend, Courtney to see "The Other Guys." Honestly, I thought I wouldn't be as disappointed as I was. You know when you're watching a movie and everything's going good and then all of a sudden they just have to include a crude, irrelevant scene that makes you feel so awkward that you almost feel compelled to leave? It was like that. Anyway, unless you like random spurts of crude humor, I wouldn't recommend it. The next day we went to visit my grandparents at the Jersey Shore and spend some time at the beach. Adam loves it there because the water is warm (not like the Oregon coast) and he can swim like a little fishy all day.
By Friday morning, I was exhausted. But was I surprised to hear my dad's pleas to take us to Camelbeach? Nope. So, Adam, Bryon and I went with dad to Camelbeach water park and had tons of more fun in the sun. 
Adam left for home on Saturday, leaving me to spend some chill time with my family. My bff Tara drove all the way down from West Point Military Academy with her man to come visit me for the day. We went to Carrabbas and then spent the rest of the night chilling with her and her family. I love the Brown's. All through high school I was found swimming in their pool, sleeping over at their house, baking cookies in their kitchen, and so on. Being with them again brought back a lot of good and embarrassing memories. 

So, obviously we're on week 3 right now, which I'm not going to inform you on the contents of because (a) it's not done yet and (b) nothing crazy/awesome has happened yet. 
Till next week!

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amber lee said...

I want some of that pizza!! Take me with you next time, or bring some back for me. :)