Friday, May 7, 2010

Upcoming Blog Sale

I'm starting something I never thought I ever would--I'm starting a blog sale. 
No, I am not selling crappy scratched furniture or old movies, I'm selling my clothes. 
I am not selling crappy old tank tops or dirty used shoes, I am selling clothes, accessories, and handbags that I LOVE but don't have room for. 
Normally, I would just take these items to the DI or give them to a sister or friend, but if I get rid of various items I love that either don't fit or I am not wearing very often, then I need to be able to replace them. 
So anyway, this is a heads up. I am not posting the items until next week, either Friday or Saturday. Everything for sale will be posted on this blog site. 

Send me loves of encouragement or else I might lose the strength and back out, keeping everything for myself!


Nana said...

Hi Britney, Way to go girl!! Sounds like the sale of the century.
You know what they say..'Recycle,recycle,recycle!
Love you tons mom

Ailinh Harris said...

Woo hoo! Excited to see what you're selling! I wonder if you can also get your own booth and sell them at the Farmer's Market? I know your clothes are far from Farmer-ish, but you know, there are lots of shoppers there...