Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summer Photos

Adam and I (mostly I) love to have seasonal pictures taken of us. I think it's important to keep updated on our pictures because at this stage in our lives we change a lot style and personality-wise. Consequently, I find it vital to take pictures frequently and to have them done by someone with proper equipment and talent. 
What I'm wondering is if anyone would like to take our pictures for this summer? We haven't yet had summer pictures done and I have a bunch of creative ideas that might help diversify your portfolio. 
I know there are a bunch of students and aspiring photographers in the area that are looking for people to do "practice" shoots on, and in my experience, I have never been disappointed with their work as "amateurs." 
So anyway, comment or email me and we can talk logistics. For your viewing pleasure, here's a couple pictures we're quite fond of. Our wedding and engagements pictures were taken by a very talented professional, Jennifer Johnson, others were done by friends who are aspiring photographers. 


Sean said...

I love the picture of you in the yellow sweater!!! You look amazing in all pictures though.

Sean said...

This is really Sam. I'm not sure why blogger signed Sean in.