Monday, May 17, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

Yesterday was a gorgeous, gorgeous Sunday. Adam and I had Stake Conference where we (at least I) were surprised to hear from the second counselor of the General Relief Society Presidency, Elder Hales, and President Monson. It was great to receive such powerful instruction. Last week while we were at the hospital for Natalie, Adam ended up sitting on our camera and breaking the screen. Lame. Being the boy who needs his toys, Adam found a killer deal on a quality point and shoot and we played around with it on the way home from the meeting.                                                                                                          

I love this picture of us! If only our apartment hardware, Adam's notebook, and his arm were out of the way it'd be perfect!
p.s. Brown blouse: Banana Republic. White skirt: Ann Taylor. Heals: Target. Belt: Thrifted. Headband: Forever 21.
Adam's suit is from Nordstrom, white dress shirt is from Kohls, and his tie we got from a cheap vendor in NY. 
And HOLY HANNAH do I need a haircut! 


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Aww, you're so pretty. I love the headband/bow :)

manders said...

Could you be any more beautiful not to mention skinny! You two are such a beautiful couple. We miss you. I would totally by some of your clothes but lets just say I am not a size 2... Luv ya

amber lee said...

You are too cute. :)