Monday, June 7, 2010

Visits to Utah

So I know that I've basically been the worst blogger of all time recently, but I've made a resolve to do better (didn't she already say that). The last two weekends Adam and I have been down in Utah--once for a wedding and family visit and another for school career exertions. We've had a very eventful, yet relaxing couple of weeks and I'm sad to say that my diet has definitely taken the backseat to P.H. Changs, Marie Calendars, Carrabbas, cake, and lots of desserts. I almost forgot how much I loved food. I promise to make a more earnest resolve to keep everyone updated. It was just hard to get myself to sit down with my computer after an exhausting day of running around Salt Lake City, when I could procrastinate like no one's business and do it all in one shot tonight. Don't hate on me. 
So, last weekend my good friend, Heidi, and her wonderful husband, Ty, were married and Mom and Dad Stevens and Adam's little brother Nick decided that they would come visit and take the drive down to Salt Lake with us. WE HAD A BLAST. Of course, Mom and I went shopping while the boys golfed. It was a great feeling to have family with us again and I felt as though school was over and I was moving down to Utah to enjoy some post-semester events (as if). Amongst our business, we totally didn't take any pictures with Mom and Dad in Utah, but got a quick family shot before they left for Washington--and yes, I have shark eyes.  
Beautiful couple, right?!
That next Wednesday, I went down to Salt Lake with my nursing girlies for the traditional 3rd semester student hospital trip. Adam also went down for his traveling class to visit a bunch of design firms, but we weren't going to meet up until Friday. Our nursing class visited Mt. Timpanogas hospital, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Intermountain Hospital in Murray, and Primary Children's hospital. Aside from the catty nurse managers from Intermountain (they were on a hiring freeze and thought they were cool or something), we had a rather positive trip, when it comes to potential employment, and, of course, we enjoyed our time together. I was particularly impressed with Primary Children's Hospital and would consider doing pediatrics solely because of their impeccable mission and positive work environment, and only if I could work there.
This is all of us on the Trax system in Salt Lake. We got free tickets, but no one even asked to see them (some claim to have traveled on it for 6 months without being asked for proof of purchase). We got done at about noon and Adam wasn't going to be done in Park City until 6, so of course I went shopping. I'll have to definitely take pictures this week of each of the items I bought from Urban Outfitters and Aldo from the earnings of my closet sale. It feels so great to FINALLY be wearing clothes that I LOVE. 
Once my clothes cravings were mildly satisfied, I picked up Adam in Park City and we headed down to Provo to spend time with our good friends Phil and Jessica Goodwin. We just love them. Instead of sitting around or spending money that Saturday, Phil and Jessica had the genius idea of going on a hike to some hot springs over in American Fork. IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY FOR A HIKE. Not kidding, I thoroughly enjoy hiking. I think my particular beef with running is that I sometimes feel like I'm not getting anywhere during my workout (on the track or treadmill). But with hiking, I got the perfect amount of hills, turns, and downward slides. And what was my reward? Relaxing in some hot springs with my hot husband. That's my kind of workout. We were having so much fun later on that night that we decided to spend another night with our friends and enjoyed going to church with them.
It was beautiful in Utah and we're basically ready to murder Rexburg for still being 59 and rainy. 
So, again, I feel horrible for not being more proactive. Maybe it's because I got my hair accidentally chopped off and I feel self-conscious and emotional without my hair to hide behind. Either way, I promise to post everyday this week. 
Things I learned these few weeks:
P.H. Changs is fantastic. 
Marie Calendar's is divine. 
Adam's cousin's little boys look exactly like him (I will be stealing one of them).
Mom Stevens is obsessed with flats. 
It's way better to buy one pair of good quality shoes than 5 pairs of crappy uncomfortable ones for the same price. 
Utah weddings are only 2 hours long. 
Hospitals actually want me. 
I am obsessed with Urban Outfitters and frozen yogurt. 
Phil, Jessica, Adam and I LOVE food. Like really love food. 
Adam and I can still sleep in. 
I'm still afraid of heights. 
Jessica has impeccable skin (it's OK to hate her). 
There is a Carrabbas Italian Grill in Provo, and it's delicious, and they give you free dessert if you say it's your anniversary.
I still miss Adam after only being apart 3 days. 
Hm. We had a good time. 


Morgan and Jeff said...

okay a few items of business brit.

1-your friends wedding dress is amazing. makes me want to get married all over again.

2- your hair is gorgeous. a good change! and it will always grow back.


i love you and miss you. I need to see you before we move. like. a lot.

amber lee said...

I"m so glad that you've been having some fun vacas. :) I miss you though.

Ailinh Harris said...

That hot springs sound soooo golden right now. Unfortunately, I can't ever ever ever enjoy soaking into any yet... Anywho, love this post. Lotsa good news all around. xoxo