Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear Jeffrey

Dear Jeffrey Campbell,
I have recently fallen in love with you. Fellow bloggers, I am in love with shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. His unique marriage of edge and trendiness is far too delicious for me, so-much-so that my heart races, my eyes widen and I can't get his designs out of my mind until I have found the perfect item for me. 
What do I want from you?:
Ever since I saw these on Tieka I have coveted their ridiculously trendy companionship and have been internet stalking them for months. (p.s. Isn't Tieka gorgeous?) I will be purchasing these beautiful boots. 

As well as these:

Talk about my kind of wedges. I'm not going to lie--I hate those ridiculously girly white ones with a bow at the end and cork soled wedges. HATE them. I mean seriously--if you're going to wear a wedge, wear a real wedge. And thanks to my good friend Jeffrey, you all know what a real wedge is. 
Oh fashion, why do you have to be my one big weakness (besides chocolate)? You're a pricey weakness and I unfortunately have a despairingly expensive taste. If only I was 5 foot 10 in., 100 lbs., and Karl Lagerfeld loved me could I on a daily basis show off your awesomeness to the world. 
For some reason, getting a pair of new shoes makes the world seem like a better, happier place. And I'm OK with that.
What would you wear these shoes with?

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flattery said...

Ahh I need those first boots! <3
I'm hosting a designer apparel giveaway at my blog :) Check it out!