Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Considerations

Ughhhh I totally meant to have Adam take some pictures of my new outfit that I wore today. The lame story is that Adam had to leave right after dropping me off at home from school for golf practice and I was busy selling some closet items to a "client." So lame, but just because I love you all, I'll break some sort of high school faux paus and wear the same outfit twice in one week (or month), but not until Saturday. So anyway, closet sale is still going-going, don't forget to take a look! Items are going fast, but it's first comment first serve. So if you're not sure if you want something or not, tell me either way and I'll hold it for you. (just in case you forgot the site). 
So anyway, today was just another normal day. I started my nursing pediatrics class. My teacher is the department chair of nursing and I'm kind of intimidated by her position and the fact that she has her lectures video taped. Later, I practiced in the nursing lab with my lovely fellow peers. The funniest part was that I set up the entire procedure to insert a catheter for a woman when my mannequin had man-parts. Yeah, maybe you just had to be there. We all had a good laugh when I spread(ed) the legs apart and started draping for "privacy." 
For anyone interested, I am looking for a killer skirt. No real requirements, just knee length without a slit that goes up to the bum.
Currently, I'm contemplating my next purchases. What do you think of the following TOPS from Urban Outfitters?:
This blazer actually buttons twice on the top. It's very tailored and clean cut. I WANT IT. But I feel like I need more summer clothes. 
If you're feeling the urge to help a sister out, point me in the right direction of other choices and/or tell me which of the following I should or shouldn't consider. 
Thank you for your consideration.


Lisa said...

I understand your moment with the practice dummy. one of our practice dummies actually has both sexes...girl on one side boy on the other. so when you're pulling the catheter out the "private parts" pop out and there you go...girl on one side boy on the other. i always thought it was hilarious...

manders said...

That's hilarious wh ywould they have you use a boy dummie hahaha. I also like the skirt choices besides the length I don't think the lengths would work. Just my opinion.:)