Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Raid My Closet

Last night while Adam and I were tidying up our room and putting clothes away, a thought that's been getting shoved in the back of my mind finally pushed its way to my attention: I have way to many clothes, shoes, and accessories. How do I know this?--the closet bar is bending, my drawers and shelves are bursting, and my shoes have overtaken the entire "walk in" closet space. 
Am I proud? No. Clothes = money, and I couldn't believe how much of that much needed green stuff has gone to this. To give myself some credit, I didn't buy all of the clothing I have. I have fabulous cousins who on a relatively frequent basis send boxes of clothes and shoes and other wonderful stuff. 
What am I proposing?
A raid of my closet. 
What does that even mean?
Anytime you need a dress for an event, a t-shirt or blouse for a date, or just a new variety of clothes for school, give me a call, text, or email and you can come over and pick items from my closet. 
Why am I doing this?
I feel I have a special rapport with my clothing (I know, really?) and I can't possibly wear all of it. It's just not going to happen. But since Adam and I aren't exactly in a position to replace the clothes I get rid of, I can't part with anything yet. Not that my wardrobe is anything to brag about, but just so you know, it's there. I want my clothes to have a beautiful body to adorn, not just sit in my closet for months. 
Qualifications to participate:
I have to know you--no friends-of-a-friend's. 
Each item needs to be returned washed and dried (if washable and if doesn't require dry cleaning).
There will be a return date (I have to get them back somehow), and the items will be due back at my house by that date.
No sloppy eaters. 
Um, yeah. I think that's it. I'm sure I'll come up with more later. 
Anyway, not an earth-shaking announcement, just an offer that stands for you. 

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manders said...

Don't we wish that was our closet so neat and organized? that isn't right? You have the cutest clothes not to mention such style.Love it