Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just a Note

My week has been epic. A lot of sacrifice and late nights were put into it to make it epic, but it was very, very epic. 
Why was it epic?
I scrubbed in on multiple surgeries in the OR at EIRMC.
What did I get to do?
For a TAH-BSO (taking out of the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes), I stood directly next to the surgeon, gown and all, held his suction and had my hand in the woman's gut to palpate her uterus and feel for fibroids. 
For a laparoscopic procedure (the kind with the metal tubes stuck into the inflated abdomen with a camera inside and the surgeon did not have an assistant, only a scrub tech to hand him instruments. 
What was he going to do?--I'll tell you what:
use the student
I got to use the instrument with the grasping end and wield it while grabbing organs and tissue out of the way so the surgeon could cut and cauterize. I GRASPED THE OVARIES, BLADDER, AND MULTIPLE TISSUES IN A WOMAN'S BODY. And yes, it was all by myself. It was kind of like playing a video game, except way more intense and way more worthwhile. 
Amongst other things, I also saw a woman's lymph node the size of a golf ball removed from her neck, multiple hernia repairs, D&C's, and a lap chole. 
It was a good week.
One for the ages. 
I felt like Izzie Stevens from Grey's Anatomy.
Except not blonde, or ex-Mormon. 


Matt and Breezie said...

You seriously just made me want to be a nurse (which I never-ever-ever have wanted to be)....But that sounds AWESOME! :-)

Lisa said...

wow I'm jealous. I haven't even got to do an IV or a foley yet.

Candi said...

Wow that sounds amazing Brit. I am not sure how you did it. I would have been shaking like a leaf! I have always wanted to be a nurse but I never thought of what I'd be doing. I guess I only wanted to take care of sick people like the wonderful nurses did when I was little,not participate in diving into bodies. It really puts into perspective everything those women and men do. wow!

amber lee said...

you are so awesome britney.


manders said...

Wow! What an amazing experience. I bet you felt like you were on an ER/ Greys episode...