Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I need new hair.
How does that apply to you?
It doesn't. 
Unless, of course, you want it to.
And to you select group of lovelies who want it to apply to you, I need your help:
My hair is long, boring, and blah. I need a boost. And, no, I'm not talking about a bump-it or anything else Utah white-trash (no offense).
I'm thinking a couple inches off with a sick fringe. But I'm afraid bangs will look lame or...lame.
Tell you what:
If enough people participate (which probably won't happen) I'll put up a poll and the look that gets the most votes will get done. And no being ridiculous. I drawn the line at a pixie cut or mullet.


p.s. pics are appreciated.


manders said...

ok so I love your hair but since you do want a change which is always a "want" and "need" in us women I think you should cut it just enough to give it body and maybe some layers, and to finish it some highlights nothing drastic just either a little blonde or lighter brown, and maybe a little swoop in the bangs. oh girl you can pull off anything... Can't wait to see results.

The Rider Family said...

well I know the feeling of having to wear scrubs and hair back isn't always the best! so I will stick with the pic that Mom and I sent you,(a little shorter and edgy would look really good) as for highlights it would be cute but a lot of up keep so that is your decision. Your hair will look gorgeous no matter what you do with it. love ya and can't wait to see what you do

Joanna and Eric said...

Take your pick with the following links :)