Wednesday, December 30, 2009


My sister-in-law Mindie and her family are moving to Newport this weekend. Mom Stevens was going over to help her pack-up and so Adam and I got to take her oldest boy, Hudson, to OMSI--the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. The museum was really entertaining and educational and we had a great time! Huddy was a sweet kid the whole day and didn't whine or complain once about us being a boring aunt and uncle. What we thought was pretty funny was by the end of the day Huddy found this really small "lab" in the museum with a table that had a ton of little rubber frogs on fake lilly-pads and wanted to be there the rest of the time. Kids are so funny--there's a whole museum of dinosaurs and Lego's and he just wanted to be in the smallest room with the smallest little frogs. I basically spent the day brushing up on some human anatomy in the life science area and taking pictures of the boys being boys--I swear Adam is still a little boy inside and I just love it. 
This was one of the weirdest creatures I've ever seen. I think it's in the salamander family--either totally creeped me out. 


skinny jeans: unknown tj maxx brand. striped turtlenecks: h&m. headband: forever 21. flats: gap.  

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Tieka, Selective Potential said...

You are so so pretty, girl! I love these photos!