Saturday, December 5, 2009

1 year!

Well everyone, it's been a year since that magical, blessed day in Manhattan. I can't even believe it. It was so weird to see "December 5th" on my phone. I felt like I should be getting married or something--but that's done. I lovelovelove my gorgeous husband, Adam. He's so good to me and he makes me feel like a queen everyday.
This morning, we woke up, had a great breakfast of omelets, went to the temple, and then finished by going to our favorite restaurant, the Wasabi Grill in Idaho Falls. We got sushi rolls, noodles and tempura shrimp, and Mexican chocolate cake. It was fantastic. Oh and btw, this was the same place and room that we went to and sat in last Valentine's Day. Here's some pics!

black skinny jeans: f21. top: h&m. wedge heals: apt 1. gold necklace: f21. black clutch: unknown brand.
I love you, hunny! One year down and lots and lots to go!

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Candi said...

Congratulations! One year is such fun. Wait until you are closer to 10 and it feels like the time has just flown by! All my wishes for Many more happy years to come for you guys!!!