Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Conviction

So I've decided that our blog needs to be more of an electronic journal. Adam and I aren't very good at keeping a written record of our life together, so I think this is the next best option. No, it's not going to be filled with juicy drama or family secrets, as one would record in a diary, it will just be a more detailed account of our lives...when comparing it to all the other posts. What brought this on? I was really inspired but HER. I found her blog on another girl's fashion blog I've been following and was impressed by her consistency in posts and how organized of a record she has put together with her and her husband. LOVE it. If anyone can set up my blog like her's (**cough cough, Matt Stevens**), I'd be very thankful.
Now, what's your job?:
Hold me to it.
Call me out when it's been two or three days and I'll make it up to you.
Thank you. And Happy Turkey Day!

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