Saturday, November 28, 2009

Better Purple

I got sick a couple hours after we got back from Black Friday shopping yesterday. Nothing major, just a nasty case of a headache, aches, and whiney-ness--nothing that an amazing husband can't handle. I'm a really pathetic sick person, and Adam was really good about pretending that my frequent, high-pitched "honey"s didn't bother him. This evening, Adam asked me if I wanted to go run some errands with him. Since I spent all last night in sweats and an old softball t-shirt and I was feeling better, I got a little bit more dressed than I would have to take a quick trip to Walmart. Needless to say, my purple jeans attracted enough attention from the avid Levi wearers of the prevalent hicks in Rexburg. Oh well, they'll have to get used to it--I sure have.
Anyway, black with a statement article is probably my favorite uniform. It's so chic and easy to pull off.  I stayed away from colorful jeans until Mom Stevens basically begged me to purchase them on one of our many outings. I figured that no one with a butt should wear them, but they're actually growing on me, as is my bodacious back end. Sorry for the lack of clarity, we took these in my sister's apartment stairwell that has nasty yellow lighting--it's bad enough that it hid my attempt at a cute smirk.

These boots are probably one of my favorite purchases. Last year, Adam and I were apartment shopping at Walmart and I was pleasantly surprised to find these. Totally simple and not so high that I can't walk comfortably in them. LOVE it.
(jacket: tjmax. blanket scarf: h&m. grey sweater: express. jeans: tjmax. boots: walmart)

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manders said...

only you can pull off purple jeans! You look HOTT girl!!!