Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Britney Bridal Shower

This past Saturday, after undergoing the infamous wisdom teeth removal surgery, Britney received a surprise bridal shower at the home of her best friend and maid of honor, Tara Brown. Earlier in the week, Tara informed Britney that she had the weekend off from her duties at West Point and wanted to do some fun, "besties" things together that Saturday like getting their nails done and dining at a chic place out of town. Friday night, she called once she arrived home to inform Britney that her mom was having a basket party around the same time as their soiree.
So Saturday night around 3pm, Britney's still fat, swollen face made her way into some normal clothes for the first time that week and pulled into Tara's car-packed street. 

She entered the house, told to come downstairs to "meet everyone", and surprised to find most of the female members of her family and many close friends from the church ward.
Not only was the company enjoyable, but the atmosphere was also fabulous. The Browns have a reputation for knowing how to throw a good party. Between the beautiful tulle and lights, food, and music, it was a great party, one which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. We received a bunch of gifts and gift cards from the stores where we registered at, and also maybe so more not-so-expected treasures that will remain on the *hush hush*. Britney's sister Briana conducted a questionnaire dedicated solely to questions about Britney, which, of course, Brynne won. 
Then, Britney was put to the test answering questions about Adam and his favorite things. For the most part, she got everything right. 
Adam has more than one favorite thing for most everything (which is totally fine hunny) so we can negate those that had more than one answer.
Although smiling caused straining and laughing was becoming more and more excruciating, the party was so much fun and Britney had a great time celebrating our impending marriage with her closest family and friends. Now all that's left to do is write thank you notes, apply every safety measure possible to prevent losing the gift cards, and figure out the cheapest way to get all this wonderful stuff out to Washington. 2 WEEKS EVERYONE! 

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The Rider Family said...

I am so glad you had a great shower! You look so cute you always do! I can't beleive how close its coming can't wait to see you:)