Sunday, November 2, 2008

Last Few Laps

Although we are currently disconnected, besides our 15" computer screens which display not-so-perfect representations of the two of us, I would feel remiss if we didn't have at least one new post up every 2 weeks. Differing work schedules and family obligations have continuously made time to talk nearly impossible, but we always manage to squeeze in at least an hour to talk daily, even if it means Britney's poor, restaurant slaved body is up until 3am more than four times a week. Still, with our impending wedding and plans that never seem to end, we are learning more and more daily of the decision we are making and how important we will value our lives together. 
I (Britney), feel a special pull from the Spirit ever since the end of October and the beginning of this last month. Throughout the whole journey so far, I really haven't stopped, put down the pretty ribbon, and thought about what is really important and how blessed I am for the opportunity I have for it to happen. I have the privilege of taking out my endowments soon and going through the temple with my parents and Adam. Then, I'll be with him again in the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity, and become one with him and the Lord. Now, I am reminded daily to thank the Lord minutely for the amount of blessings He has so readily given me. I've realized that my time in this life and the next mean absolutely nothing without Adam and his family. I have never felt more accepted, more appreciated, and of more worth to God and man than I have since I've been with Adam. I am constantly astounded at how perfect he is for me. I never thought I would ever find someone so real and perfect to suit my needs, and one who makes it so easy to fulfill his. During my years in young women's, I used to write lists of qualities and characteristics I wanted in a future spouse, knowing that a mortal man could never be made of such "unrealistic" things, which caused me to leave out even more "outlandish" details. I testify that the Lord blesses you for your obedience. Not only have I been allowed the opportunity to be with the exemplary man I described, who not only treats me well but makes me happy, I also have a wonderful new family who does exactly the same thing and who I love dearly. My heart is full, my testimony is strengthened, and I know more than ever that the Lord loves us, intends for us to have joy in this life, and knows our needs, which He is more than willing to give us. 
I can't wait to spend the rest of eternity with the man Heavenly Father prepared for me. I asked, He listened, and He has blessed me with continual strength, peace, joy, laughter, and meaningfulness for all eternity in the form of a gorgeous man from Vancouver, WA. Who knew right? 


Simon Tribe -ooh ha haa said...

Hi Britney, I'm a good friend of Amanda's up in Snoqualmie. I wanted to see your cute engagement pics Amanda told me about, (along with the AMAZING proposal story,) and I read this entry you wrote and have to tell you that I'm so impressed with you! What a lucky guy Adam is to have found you! Props for being such a strong young woman and being worthy for such happiness!!!! I'm happy for you two and wish you the best!
~Jen Simon

manders said...

After reading this all I can do is cry. We are so excited to have you apart of our family. We love you and can't wait until we see two people in love be sealed forever. Love you