Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh

As we near the end of this inexplicably loathsome long distance, cell-phone and mac reliant relationship, we have come to various conclusions that will hopefully prove beneficial as we start our lives together:
1. Britney is able to get by on 6 hours of sleep nightly for at least 5 months.
2. Adam is teased by air kisses.
3. Adam can only frustrate Britney by not telling her he's going out until she's sat up till 1am.
4. Britney has a very obvious lying face. 
5. Adam loves eating Oreos by combining the cookie and milk in his mouth simultaneously. 
6. Staring at each other's faces for 3 hours a night ends up limiting the amount of stuff to talk about.
7. Britney lives in sweatshirts, consequently forming a habit of hiding in them.
8. When all is quiet and there's only typing, we're probably being dirty (in a clean way).
9. Adam loves it when Britney says, "I know, right?" (Homestar Runner anyone?)
10. Britney abhors the use of internet cords with a laptop (what's the point?)
11. Although Adam enjoys the thought of being included in wedding details, he really doesn't care.
12. Britney doesn't like pet names such as "dirty pumpkin" or "butter-buns".
13. Adam finds joy in simple pleasures like a good sandwich after work and the occasional pie and cool-whip.
14. Anything we talk about online we would probably never talk about together.  
15. Adam has a tuft of hair in the front of his forehead that separates from the rest of the pack when not done up with gel or mousse. 
16. Britney is self-conscious with her post-shower appearance. 
17. Adam likes to talk to other people online in the middle of our i-chat, consequently he owes Britney at least 50 air kisses he didn't reciprocate. 
18. Britney often craves pancakes after 12am.
19. Although Adam has seen more of Brynne's bare body than Britney's, he still wants Britney more.
20. No matter how far apart, or how intangible of circumstances, we both love each other more and more daily and rely on one another for strength and peace. 
3 days everyone! Get your tickets ready!


The Rider Family said...

That is so funny and cute! I can't believe we leave tomorrow I am freaking out I can only imagine what you and Adam are feeling! Can't wait to see ya love ya

Dustin and Erika said...

You guys are so cute! I heard the wedding went SO well, and Michael told me that you got your pics taken at the Waldorf?? Holy crap! I can't wait to see how beautiful you guys look.
Anyway, while you were getting married and such on Friday, I was really sad I wasn't there.... SO Dustin and I are going to come to Vnacouver for your other reception! I think I would def. regret it if we didn't. We'll be there Friday. Plus, neither of you have met Lillie yet. Oh,. but dont' tell mi madre, it's gonna be a surprise. Congrats again!!