Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Last Date

Hey Jude,

Mom and dad went on a date tonight. 
Dad spent a little bit more than mom wanted to. He said we needed to go "all out" since this was my last night out...for awhile. 
Thanks love. 
I made dad sit next to me during the meal. We talked about different things--mainly how dad should stop saying inappropriate things due to the couple immediately behind us. The last thing you want is a startling word like "nipple" floating around the air for just any old elderly persons' hearing aid to detect--someone could choke on their steamed vegetables.  
In a nutshell, we ate, dad bought a brand new belt, and we went grocery shopping. Other than that, the food was good--better than good--great. We'll for sure be back again, which will probably mean that you'll be at home with a babysitter. Sorry kid--you've been the ultimate tagalong for over 9 months now: it's time your 'rents got some real alone time without the cute and annoyingly frequent, not to mention potentially disastrous, jab in the bladder every time our faces get close. 
We love you. 
Get your naked butt out here.  
Don't laugh.


Natalie Daniel said...

I hate that word.

Nana said...

Hey Jude, do you know how amazing your Mommy and Daddy are?
They cannot wait for you to show your cute smile and big eyes!!
We love you already and you are not even here!
Hurry up because your Nana and Grampa cannot wait to hold you!!
Love you Jude